Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Please Allow Me to Introduce You To....

Feel that chill in the air?  Those leaves are starting to turn...yeah its Fall.  I have already started my fall baking spree, and so much more to come on that, but I wanted to take a moment to talk non food life. 

To state the obvious- I have been remiss in keeping you all abreast of my dining adventures as of late.  I promise I have a good excuse.  In July, I welcomed the most adorable puppy into my life.  Ms. Lucy St. James is a little girl I found on adoptapet.com who couldn't be more fun, exciting, or wonderful.  She is a rescue hailing from Memphis, TN.  She and her littermates were pulled from their mommy at a very young age and given out at a local park.  Ms. Lucy had a rough start to her life, but she has been settling into her Boston life quite nicely.  She is the official greeter of our neighborhood, being sure to say hello to every passer by, she has kept the neighborhood from all collecting leaves, and has established a gang of puppy friends.  She keeps me laughing daily.

Now, I will admit, it has not all been fun and games.  Puppy raising is hard, and yet adorable, work.  As my friends may attest, I had some breakdowns in the beginning, as I spent 90% of my day running up and down the stairs to my apartment with her, and then cleaning up her accidents moments after returning home.  There were mishaps with chew toys being ignored and shoes finding a sad demise.  Learning curves as I fed her doggie ice cream, and found that it didn't agree with her stomach...for a week.  Rocks were eaten and fields of grass seemingly consumed.  But then, then there were puppy kisses and contented sighs and ridiculous play times. 

Lucy (Luce Goose) is basically the best thing ever, and now as she and I clean up our act and get on a more sustainable routine, I am back to cooking and baking and eating out.  I can finally see straight as I type on the computer, and I can feel my creative juices flowing. 

Happy fall all, I am stoked to spend it all with you again!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


BIG news. BIG BIG BIG news....I recently found out that I achieved success in my Level 3 Wine and Spirit Education Trust course!  Similar to the Level two that I took in February, the Level 3 covered every different region in which wine in made, delved into the different varietals, taught us about all of those wonderful sparkling wines and then uncovered the highlights of the spirit world...alcoholic spirits that is.  

Over the next few months Ill continue to post videos regarding wine, Ill share wine reviews, and start talking about pairing wines.  I'd love to hear from you all though- what are your burning questions about wine?  What would you like to hear about?  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro!

As you all know I joined the team at City Wine Tours earlier this summer as one of their Wine Ambassadors.  One of my favorite parts of the tours is when I get to walk through a tasting note.  We review all of the different aspects of the wines we look at from the sight of them, to the nose, and finally the taste.  I thought I'd share the same experience with you all!  I worked with the Martin Codax Albarino, if you'd like to taste a long!

Restaurant Reviews: A dead art?

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