Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The beginning...

Have you ever been honestly sad when you finish a really great meal? I got into a conversation the other day concerning exactly that. I have often experienced disappointment when a great meal is finished, when a perfectly cooked, expertly seasoned dish is done. Honestly, I thought I was alone in that feeling of sadness. I assumed that I was just a freak over reacting. Apparently I am not. I sat with three girl friends the other day and each of us had experienced this feeling. So it made me think, there must be more of us out there. There exists a whole group of people who savor every bite, who seek out every type of food, experiment in their own kitchens and force their loved ones to enjoy it.
I have always been a bit of a "foodie". I can remember when I was younger concocting strange things, for some reason often in the shape of muffins, and making my family eat them. Often they were missing key ingredients, but I persisted. As I got older I stopped forcing my creations on my family, but slowly I got better. Tastes blended together into delicious items and I became more and more confident. As Ive become older Ive continued my informal education. I try every new restaurant that comes to town, and enjoy every bite along the way from pubs to a five star. I spend every minute that my schedule allows cooking. I rarely pay attention to recipes, unless it is to get a general idea of how to get an idea started.
I want to use this forum as a way to explore foods, restaurants, further and maybe find a way to stave off the disappointment that comes at the end of that great meal :-)

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