Monday, December 18, 2017

Wines for Holiday Fun!

Happy Holidays!

It's that time again to host and toast! There are parties aplenty and gifts to be given, but everyone knows the best gifts are those that can be drunk.  I'm here to help you navigate the wine stores and score the perfect bottles to be given and shared.

For the occasion that sparkles:
When you want your wine to complement the twinkling lights popping a bottle of bubbly is always the right decision.  Wowing your friends will be easy with sparkling wine from France called Cremant.  Made outside of the Champagne region so it can't use the fanfare of the name, it is made using the same practices but clocks in around $20.00 a bottle making it much easier on your holiday budget.

For a cookie tasting:
Hundreds of sugar cookies all lined up and ready to be devoured calls for a special wine. Those fancy desert wines, usually hidden away in the bowels of your wine stores are the perfect accompaniment.  I would highly suggest splurging on a bottle of Sauternes.  They are small bottles- 375 mL, and are typically found for about $40, but their sweet style and flavors of almonds and orange marmalade make them a perfect complement to a cookie eating afternoon.

For reunions and catch ups that last for hours:  
These are the nights we dream about -friends and family back in town, and hours can be wiled away with good conversation.  These occasions demand a sipping wine- a wine that doesn't require intricate pairing, a wine that can be drunk on its own and is presents a pleasing palate.  Valpolicella is the perfect wine for these nights.  This Italian wine has medium high acidity, coupled with medium body which makes this easy to drink glass after glass. The bright fruit flavors of plums cherry and often chocolate make it a pleasure to enjoy.  Valpolicella can normally be found for about $20 a bottle and be sure to find one marked with the DOC or DCOG label for the best quality.

No matter what wine you choose to accompany your gatherings and gift to your hosts, I wish you the merriest of festivities!!

Questions on what bottles will pair with your meals?  Send them over- I'm happy to help you plan!

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