Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Orleans, Somerville

For months now, since early June, I have been hearing about how fantastic the mussels are at Orleans, a great little eatery in Davis Square. So last night I ventured over there to finally try them. They were prepared in a white wine and tomato sauce (I love the variety in cooking mussels) and served with generous lobster pieces over the top. Honsetly- they were incredible. When I was told that they had lobster meat with them, all I could think was a sprinkling of miniscule pieces over the top that you would barely even know they were there. I was very mistaken. The pieces were large and plentiful, and paired perfectly with the mussels and their sauce. I was very impressed.

For a main course I had their special of Jambalaya (A-you got me on a kick!) which was really good. It was a combination of chicken, sausage, kielbasa and red snapper in a spicey tomato sauce served over rice. I actually really enjoyed that the sauce was over rice in this dish-it allowed for the pieces of the dish to be enoyed independently of each other rather than all together-which I feels sometimes loses the quality of the ingredients. D had blue cheese and steak pizza which- as he is so good about doing- he gave me a slice of his pizza which was also delicious. The steak was flavorful on its own, but nicely off set by the blue cheese. All in all it was a very tasty meal.

Sidenote- they were also hosting what I gathered to be a Speed Dating session- it provided for some fantastic conversation pieces :-)

I feel as though I ought to include links to the places that I am frequenting- Orleans Restaurant

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