Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fish Tacos

As summer begins, I start to crave lighter and lighter foods to satisfy my hunger, probably my body's way of saying- "Um excuse me- you need to wear a bathing suit soon", and of course that says nothing about the two huge Italian meals I ate last weekend. However, last night I had a post gym craving of a light, tasty meal to accompany my Celtics watching, and decided on Fish Tacos- that, when not fried, are incredibly healthy. I decided to make them even healthier by adding some non conventional ingredients.

I picked up some Tilapia fillets at the grocery store, as well as some fresh baby spinach, an avocado, and some whole wheat tortillas. Unfortunately they were out of the small "taco" tortillas so I ended up with the huge "burrito" tortillas, but I figured that they would suffice. I also cut out a few corners and picked up a pre cut mix for coleslaw figuring I could doctor it up at home a bit. Sadly, they were also out of cilantro.

Back at home, I opened my package of Tilapia, and generously doused it with lemon juice. Then I chopped up a small amount of a shallot, and added that to about a tablespoon of vegetable oil in the bottom of a fry pan with a little kosher salt. Once that had heated through I spooned a full teaspoon of my ginger spread into the pan as well and allowed it to melt down. Once it had, I added the Tilapia fillets and allowed them to absorb those flavors while cooking.

I then turned my attention to my "slaw". In a small bowl I used just a small tablespoon of mayo, and added a generous helping of hot sauce to it. I was really wishing I had the cilantro at this point, however healthy handfuls of the pre-chopped veggies made for a nice and crispy slaw with not too much mayo, and a nice background of heat.

Once the fish had finished cooking, approximately 3-4 minutes each side, I began my taco assembly. I took one large tortilla, that I had heated in the oven wrapped in damp paper towels and tinfoil, and layed it flat on my plate. Then I put on a generous portion of the fresh spinach, then the fish, a few spoonfuls of salsa, a few slices of fresh avocado and then the slaw on top. I rolled it up, and though I haven't perfected my "burrito" style rolling, it was a pretty taco! The flavors of the fish, from the light lemon flavor to the popping ginger, the heat of the coleslaw and the salsa, and the differences between hot and cold were wonderful combinations. It was filling, and felt incredibly light and healthy- esp with the addition of lots of spinach.

I think I have found another perfect summer meal for myself :-)

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Liz said...

You have no idea how much I drooled just thinking about having that delicious concoction for dinner tonight.

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