Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abe & Louie's, Brunch, Boston

Sunday morning I met my mother downtown for a little shopping, and a nice brunch. After dining at Atlantic Fish Company for brunch a few months ago, we decided to try another Boylston Street eatery this time. We settled on Abe & Louie's next door to Atlantic.

This was my first time at Abe & Louie's, though its always been a not so secret desire of mine to try it. I was excited to see the inside of such a well renowned steak house. Unfortunately, on one of the hottest days of the summer thus far, the air conditioning was not working as well as one might have hoped and the air felt incredibly clammy, however not willing to have that, nor the fact that the tables were placed ridiculously close together, mar my experience I kept my hopes up for brunch to be a great meal.

To be fair, as it was extremely hot out, my appetite was not what it probably should have been, nor was I in the mood for anything very heavy. I settled on their eggs benedict served with a truffle hollandaise sauce and a latte (I can drink them at any temperature, I'm not sure why). After ordering, the waiter brought out a basket of breakfast breads including a croissant, some cinnamon scones, and a variety of mini muffins. The scones were absolutely delicious, the rest were completely forgettable. I've learned that croissants are either perfect, flaky, buttery- wonderful, or horrible and a complete waste of calories. This was a complete waste of calories.

Soon enough our entrees were served, two halves of an english muffin served with sliced pan fried ham, poached eggs and the hollandaise sauce. These were separated by what can only be described as a brownish gray mass. Honestly, Ive never seen potatoes turn gray after being cooked, you could slightly make out some distinct pieces of potato, but for the most part the mass was just a mush of potatoes, not seasoned, and utterly unappetizing. On the plus side of the meal, the ham was nice and smokey, really well seasoned, and the hollandaise sauce was light and flavorful-very delicious. Unfortunately, the eggs were over cooked with very little run left to the center, and that mass of potatoes was just too hard to get over.

I entered Abe & Louie's on Sunday morning knowing that Brunch is not something that most restaurants put much importance on. Often they use the leftovers from the week, or their "B team" is assigned to it. However, at a restaurant at the caliber of Abe & Louie's, I would have anticipated at least a palatable meal.

I would still like to return to try their steaks, however for my brunch money, Ill head to Atlantic Fish Company, or really any other place on Boylston, including Starbucks, after shopping any day.

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