Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jevelli's, East Boston

Thanksgiving, moving and vacations have kept me rather busy recently and so unfortunately I have neglected my poor little blog. My apologies to my audience though. I can say however, a lack of writing does not indicate a lack of good eating, nor a lack of kitchen adventures. For example-I learned that I have no idea how to successfully carmelize sugar for tart tatin as I thought that I did. So back to the kitchen I go- and if anyone has some helpful tips- I welcome them.

I digress though, and move on to some great eating I have done recently. It has become a tradition, on the way back from the airport, to make a stop at Jevelli's, an Italian restuarant, in East Boston for dinner. Jevelli's is one of those spots that makes you comfortable the moment you walk in. Every patron who sits in their booths, at their bar, or at a table you know has been there a thousand times before, they know the waitstaff entirely, and the waitstaff knows them. Its the type of place that encourages you to be come a regular, to take a load off, enjoy so good comfort food and relax.

My first visit I had their Chicken Marsala which was honestly perfect. The Marsala sauce was light, sweet and delicious and a perfect amount on a well cooked thin breast of chicken. It was served with a little bowl of pasta with marinara sauce on the side, nothing outstanding there, but tasty none the less. As a side note- this is pretty high praise for me for this visit- I went in with a terrible sore throat which I found out was actually Strep Throat the next day. Despite my inability to swallow without excruciating pain, I ate through this delicious dinner.

My second visit I had their steak tips. Served with a non descript starter salad, a baked potato and steamed vegegtables the tips were well seasoned and cooked to a perfect medium rare. The veggies for the night were green beans which were ok-but you have to remember, this is not gourmet food- just good comfort food.

Jevelli's is the perfect spot to welcome you home to Boston after a trip- its almost like going back to moms where she has a great dinner waiting for you.

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