Monday, March 30, 2009

Chocolate Bark

You know that you have an obsession when the only thing you can think to include in care packages is food :-). I had been searching for good ideas of fun things to send down to Florida, had already gone the video game, necessary items route, sent cookies as well, and now I was looking for one final item to send. Something that would go over well with a couple dozen men far from home.

A few months ago one of my favorite Boston based food blogs wrote a couple of entries about chocolate bark, and how well it went over with all of their friends and family. I decided to try my hand at it because it sounded easy, and like something that could weather the trip down.

I have to say -this was the easiest thing Ive ever made. I melted down extra dark chocolate chips in a glass bowl over boiling water on the stove. On a cookie sheet I rolled out wax paper and broke up pretzels into large pieces over the sheet. Then I added Reeces Pieces, and mini Vanilla Oreo Cookies. Once the chocolate was fully melted I poured it over the dry mix in the cookie sheets. I moved the concoction to the freezer, to let it set and then the next day I took a knife to it and broke it up in smaller pieces.

This stuff was delicious! The dark chocolate was just bitter sweet enough, the pretzels were salty and crunchy, the Reeces Pieces added that perfect about of peanutty-goodness and the mini oreos were just a completely different texture addition.

I momentarily considered keeping a bag of the bark for myself to munch on, but quickly sealed them both into a mailer box. So far- its been a very well received package.

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