Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cafe Vittoria, North End, Boston

As some of you may know, my Italian Pastry world was turned up side down last June as I revolted against Mike’s Pastry after a truly horrible experience. I vowed to never return to Mikes, but that has put me into a quandary- where do I go now to get my Italian Pastry fix? Who do I turn to?

I have been going to The Modern since June (my trips aren’t that frequent for the record), and I’ve been doing so quite happily. Fresh Sfogliatelle (a pastry I never even LIKED from Mikes I now love from Modern), delightfully fresh Cannoli, delicious Ricotta Pie-everything is just wonderful. The down fall of course- is that it’s a tourist attraction- long lines, limited seating, crunched ordering-not exactly a relaxing experience.

A friend of mine has been telling me about how she and her boyfriend always make sure to go to Café Vittoria whenever they are in the North End for dessert, an experience that I got to share with them recently. Café Vittoria is surprisingly large for its Hanover Street location, featuring several different sitting areas where patrons can relax with dessert and coffee. Styled very much like an old world café, the surroundings were beautiful, though a little loud.

My friend and her boyfriend settled on their usual, a slice of Ricotta Pie, and my dc and I split a cannoli. The shell of the Cannoli was light and crisp with a delicate flavor, and the filling was smooth and creamy, with just that hint of Ricotta flavor, it was the perfect ying and yang of dessert textures.

As a special birthday surprise the table shared and additional piece of Tiramisu. I have to say-this was the most delicious Tiramisu I’ve had. A thick layer of their Mascarpone mixture over a single layer of soaked lady fingers, all sprinkled generously with cocoa powder. This was just the most decadent dessert I’ve had in quite some time- thankfully four of us were sharing so I didn’t inhale the entire plate on my own.

I am quite satisfied now to enjoy a relaxing experience at Café Vittoria, but continue to head to The Modern when I’m just looking for a quick fix. I have to say…everyday I am thankful that the North End exists.

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Jen @ said...

You should try Maria's Pastry. It's on Cross St just past Salem St. I took Michele Topor's market tour of the North End, and we stopped in at Maria's - according to the guide, they have some of the best, most authentic pastries in the North End.

I have had the sfogliatelle and cannoli - both were amazing.

Boston Food Diary said...

Thanks for the tip Jen! I have heard of Maria's and keep meaning to check it out! I'll definitely have to

Erin and Darcy said...

love love love cafe vittoria's tiramisu. i get it every time i go there (which is more often than i would like to admit. i live down the street!)

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