Monday, October 12, 2009

Tavern at the End of the World, Charlestown

A few days ago- after running some errands in Somerville, John and I were looking for a good place for lunch and literally stumbled across Tavern at the End of the World on the border of Charlestown. I had heard about this place previously as a good place to watch games with pretty decent food, so I was excited to have basically fallen into it.
The smell of a real "tavern" hit you as you walked inside the place, the all telling scent of yeasty beer. But the ambiance couldn't be further from that dark place that normally accompanies the tavern ideal. Light wood and and a simplistic approach set this place apart, along with their incredibly friendly staff. We chose a couple of beers to drink from their diverse list, and then concentrated on the menu, choosing what would be our noon time meal.
After much hemming and hawing I finally decided on the Grilled Vegetable Pita with hummus and dill yogurt sauce. I was served a beautifully grilled, thick pita filled with all sorts of charred veggies. The sandwich was nicely overflowing with beautifully grilled veggies, prominently peppers and zucchini, complimented with crisp Romain lettuce, and all together with a layer of hummus and a helping of a tangy and herby dill yogurt dressing. I wasn't able to eat the pita as a sandwich, but instead cut into it with my fork and knife. Each bite I had was filled with the wonderful warm doughy pita, a piece of beautifully grilled vegetable where the charred taste was present, but not overpowering, a bit of the cool sauce, and the final backbone of the hummus. It was an incredibly delightful combination of flavors and textures. It was served with an generous helping of french fries that I indulged in a few of. Perfectly salted, meaty fries without being too starchy and with a nice crisp to them. Delicious.
It is truly unfortunate that Tavern at the End of the World isn't closer to me as it would definitely have a frequent spot in our rotation. I can see now why this is a great place to sit back, watch a game, have a brew and enjoy some really solid food.

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