Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Audubon Circle Restaurant Bar

As I have previously stated, it's darn cold in Boston right now. It has been this way for a week-I think- I've lost track-I just know that I'm now repeating the cycle of the ridiculously warm sweaters that I own because light wool isn't going to cut it. Anyway- when it is this cold- I tend to abbreviate the length of the walks I normally take around this great city. However last night I decided to brave it, and walk over towards the Boston/Brookline line to pick up John from his place of employment after work. This is a wonderful walk as it leads through lovely shopping as well as ending close to a very nice little eatery that I have neglected for far too long- Audubon Circle Restaurant and Bar.

Audubon was found to a few of my girlfriends and I quite a few years back now, just after we had moved into the city. However as years went by, and I've moved around the city, I lost sight of this great little place. So, I decided as I walked over towards that area, it was time to check it out again and see if it is still as good as I remember.

We got there right around 7:00 pm-prime dining time, but were able to find a nice table right away- and as far from the door as possible to cut down on any possible drafts. We were greeted immediately by our server, who took our drink orders and left us with our menus. I actually had a pretty difficult time deciding what I wanted. I had heard that the burgers there were pretty tasty and so encouraged John to order it, but I knew that after my meatballs and chocolate french toast from the weekend- I wanted something lighter. I finally decided on a grilled chicken salad. We also decided to start with an appetizer of grilled shrimp.

The shrimp arrived in good timing-not too short where you had to wonder how long they had been sitting around waiting for someone to order them, but not so long that you started to wonder if the staff had had to go find shrimp somewhere. Six shrimp were served on a bed of Arugula, circled around a citrus based dipping sauce. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, plump and delicious. They had subtle enhancing flavors to them including a sprinkling of white sesame seeds over the top. They had countered this in a delightful Ying/Yang fashion by including a sprinkle of black sesame seeds over the dipping sauce. The sauce itself was thick, sweet and full of flavor. I really enjoyed these as an appetizer-they were the perfect amount and the flavors really awakened the taste buds.

Our entrees were served soon after we finished the appetizer. My salad looked fresh and delicious with large pieces of grilled chicken layered over one side of the plate and greens piling out from under. They had added a couple of handfuls of roasted pumpkin seeds as well as some dried cherries to the mix as well, and then had tossed the whole thing in a lemon cilantro dressing. It is safe to say that I cleaned my plate-completely. The chicken was really well cooked-and held the bright lemony flavor from the dressing perfectly. The salad was very fresh, had great crunch from its own natural texture, and was really enhanced with the pumpkin seeds and the sweet tart cherries. I am currently craving more of this salad.

John enjoyed his burger as well, especially noting that the bread it was served on was really good. However, he did not enjoy the accompanying potatoes. What was served seemed more like a breakfast potato then a burger potato, and it just didn't vibe well for him. Luckily, the burger was good enough to overcome any disappointment in the potatoes and so he felt dinner was still a success.

It should be noted, because of the work that obviously went into the design, that the vibe of the restaurant is very cool. It maintains laid back while being slightly edgy, welcoming customers of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, the inside of the restaurant is incredibly clean, though watch out for the glasses-one of ours had to be returned.

Audubon rejoins my list of favorite restaurants in the Fenway/Brookline area with a pledge to return more often.

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lobstersandwich said...

Thanks for your review of this restaurant. It will be on my list of places to visit in the area. Too bad about the "potats" with the burger, though. Nothing like the anticipation of good fries and the disappointment when not delivered. OH well...saved on the calories!!

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