Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Capital Grille, Back Bay, Boston

In John and my quest to check out each of the different steak houses in Boston, we have now hit The Capital Grille on Newbury Street in the Back Bay three times.  I have failed to review the previous two times for various reasons, but have now been able to give The Capital my full attention and boy-does it deserve it!

The Capital Grille is chain steakhouse with locations all over the United States.  They specialize in beautiful aged cuts of steak, as well as incredibly fresh seafood.  Their menu is typical in the Steakhouse sense whereby all sides are a la carte and their beautiful steaks take center stage on their plates.  Their attention to detail is precise, their service flawless as their waitstaff and bartenders work to bring each guest a fantastic meal.  

Each time we have gone John and I have enjoyed their Chopped Salad as a starter.  They vary this lovely light salad with lots of different types of vegetables, varied by what is currently in season. Garnished with croutons and a mix of olive oil and vinegar as a dressing, the salad is light and refreshing, a perfect start to a decadent meal. 

Now, I am the worst when it comes to choosing what type of steak I decide to chow down on.  Some days I crave the pure flavor of a good steak, untarnished by accents and sauces.  Other days I'm willing to branch out, see what all the fuss is about pairing meet with other flavors.  Of our three visits I have had the Delmonico, which was delicious, strong in the natural meat flavor, but enormous!  Half of it was brought home with me for future meals.  My second journey I selected the Bone in Kona Crusted Sirloin with Caramelized Shallot Butter. This was the ultimate in savory decadence for me.  The Kona Coffee rub added amazing flavor to the meat, but did not give the impression of coffee at all.  It was just robust flavor throughout.  What was really lovely was the creamy delicate flavor of the Shallot Butter in opposition with the strong flavors of the steak.  They were such different flavors and strengths but complimented each other perfectly.  This last time that we went, I selected their Dry Aged Sirloin Steak- which was wonderfully "meaty", the pureness show through without much assistance from other ingredients.  As always it was cooked to a perfect medium rare as I had specified and was wonderfully juicy and tender.  A perfect steak if I do say so.

We always select one to two sides to accompany our steaks this time we paired our main course simply with Parmesan Truffle Fries.  This decadent dish contains perfectly fried potatoes sprinkled generously with White Truffle oil and dusted with Parmesan cheese and a bit of parsley. Oh my are these tasty.  The Truffle Oil fills your mouth with the wonderfully earthy flavor that only truffles can produce.  In a time when "Truffled" seems to be tossed around like water from a garden hose in mid July, it is wonderful to actually taste the truffle in the dish.  The cheese adds a really nice salty essence and the parsley does its job of adding freshness to the fries.  We have in the past also sampled their Lobster Mac and Cheese, their Sam's Mashed Potatoes and their Seasonal Fresh Vegetables.  The first two are incredibly rich and decadent.  Exactly what you think you ought to pair with steak- delicious carbs.  The vegetables are tasty as well, though unfortunately not as "fresh" tasting as one might hope as they are sauteed in a bit too much butter for my taste.  

Normally after a steak dinner, I am far too stuffed to eat another bite, but one of the occasions we dined there we were lucky enough to be sent a dessert plate from a friend.  This plate included many of their desserts on it and all of them were delicious-especially their Espresso Flour less cake.  

You know when you're headed to a steakhouse that you're in for an evening of indulgence.  The very interior suggests this with their comfortable booth type seating, and the rich wood paneling that surrounds you.  At The Capital Grille you are pampered to feel like a celebrity with every staff member increasingly more helpful, and knowledgeable.  As we've already been back to the Grille several times- its obvious to note that this is on the -we will return list! 

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