Friday, January 21, 2011

A Friday Look into A Boston Food Diary

I gotta say -there are some pretty fantastic bloggers here in Boston, and one of my favorites is Beantown Baker.  Jen's photos are ridiculously gorgeous, and her recipes are killer.  Whenever I need a sweet recipe I head on over to her blog for incredibly tasty treats. So when she invited me to write a piece for her Friday Favs feature- I jumped at the chance.

I have to say though, as honored as I was to be invited, I loved writing the piece even more than I thought.  It gave me the chance to really think about A Boston Food Diary, some great memories from my early days in food, and I got to look back at my favorite restaurants around town. 

I wanted to include a bit of it here, but please head on over to Beantown Baker for the full post.

"Food has always been my passion. I remember, as a small child, I would spend hours planning the restaurant I would some day own. I had everything picked out- the floors, the drapery, the china, the silver…of course I imagined myself to be executive chef, owner and front of the house manager as well. I had big dreams as a kid. Making it worse, one Christmas my parents surprised me with a make believe restaurant game. The kit included menu mock ups, order forms, chefs hats, etc- everything you would need to set up a restaurant in the comfort of your own home as a 6 year old child. My poor family, and countless stuffed animals I’m sure, dealt with make believe dinner after dinner of me taking their orders and then running off somewhere only to bring back plates full of air. Ahhhh childhood. As time moved on, I moved into different career paths, but my heart has always been in the food scene, both in cooking and in dining out. Of course after “owning” my own restaurant as a child, I now have tons of opinions on the real ones of today. Three years ago I started A Boston Food Diary as an outlet of my opinions (because they are awesome) and as a place for me to document my own culinary adventures."  (Continued)

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Jen said...

Thanks for the kind words and for linking to my blog. Love the article and am going to make it a priority to try these places out soon!

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