Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clear Flour Bread, Allston

Good bread is not so easy to find.  Have you ever noticed this?  A good, crusty, chewy loaf of French bread is one of the toughest things to find.  Either the crust is soft, or the inside is too dense, or the whole thing has a peculiar taste to it- a good loaf of bread is an art.  It is the testament to a good baker, an utter joy when done well, a complete disappointment when it fails.  Bread, simply spread with a bit of butter, is one of my very favorite treats.  Its carbo rich feel is comforting, its simplicity is familiar.  When the world seems to swirl with no end in sight, and it feels like I've lost my footing, there is nothing better than leaning against the counter in my kitchen, munching on a piece of fresh baguette, with a light hint of butter spread on top and catching my breath.  The crackle that the crust makes when I bite through makes me smile, and the soft interior envelops like a big hug.  To me it is one of life's great joys. 

I have learned, the hard way, that well executed bread is crucial to the equation, and I have tested many a contender around the area determining which offer the lovely French bread respite I seek, and who's are sorely lacking.  I could write an entire essay on which lack, however I'm here to focus on the positive and with that I give you my choice for the best in Boston. 

Clear Flour Bakery sits, hidden from the average person, in the back roads that connect Coolidge Corner to Allston. It's out of the way location however doesn't prove a deterrent for those "in the know" and weekend mornings their line stretches down the block.  One might think that waiting in line for baked goods is silly-I would challenge those persons though.  I would challenge them to enjoy a bite of Clear Flour's "Morning Bun", or a buttery croissant and then argue the same. 

Of course the real treasure is their bread.  They produce several different types, all made on site, daily, but to me their piece de resistance is their French Baguette.  The crust crackles satisfyingly and the interior is soft chewy with just enough air pockets to let you know that this dough was kneaded correctly and not over worked.  The flavor is clean, with a hint of yeast, but without the odd sweetness or tang that some other breads can contain. 

Clear Flour's bread is the perfect bread for all of your needs.  It grills nicely for bruschetta, it perfectly surrounds cold cuts or salads for a hefty sandwich, and it soaks up French Toast batter like no body's business.  

When I have a craving for classic, delicious bread- Clear Flour is definitely my destination. 


Elizabeth said...

With my passion for bakeries, it is a travesty that I still haven't been. I have had their stuff at the Brookline farmers' mkt though.

Michelle Collins said...

Good to know about this place! I almost always have a craving for bread, so I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Clear Flour and their precious morning buns but sadly I have not been in a while. I think this needs to change.

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