Thursday, September 29, 2011

Olive Oil Ice Cream Hits Boston for a Limited Time Only!

Olive Oil.  It always seems like such a simple ingredient doesn't it?  Something you throw into the bottom of a pan to make sure the other ingredients don't stick.  The healthy alternative to butter. It seems so simple and ordinary on the surface, but let me assure you, Olive Oil is far from simple. 

Have you ever take a taste of plain olive oil?  Perhaps compared them as you would a wine taste test?  If you ever have the opportunity to try out this taste test- do it-you won't be disappointed.  Olive Oil is flavored, again, much like grapes for wine, by the earth where the olive trees are grown.  Soil compensation, rain fall, and rock diversity all contribute to different flavors.  The beauty with olive oil, is the pureness of the flavors that can linger.  Strong tones of grass, sweet lovely summer grass, or deep earthy mushroom like flavors can be present.  It is a fascinating study.

Photo Credit- California Olive Ranch
Of course, for those of you who aren't oddly obsessed with these things the way I am, Emack and Bolio's has a wonderful way to showcase Olive Oil this week!  From now until September 30th (sorry for the late notice all!), Emack and Bolios is showcasing the products of the California Olive Ranch with Olive Oil Ice Cream!  

Tomorrow is supposed to have highs near 80 degrees (summer at the end of September) so definitely head to one of the participating stores and check out Olive Oil Ice Cream- I would be shocked if you were disappointed!

o 290 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

o 100 City Square, Charlestown, MA
o Porter Square Shopping Center, Cambridge, MA


34512W said...

What happened to the Emack's in Washington Square?

Boston Food Diary said...

The one in Washington Square is still then, but unfortunately it isn't carrying this flavor

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