Monday, April 2, 2012

Starbuck's Reserve 100% Kona

It's probably become pretty obvious that I have a real coffee obsession.  I'll even let you in on a little secret- whenever Starbucks sends me their coffees to test out-I do a little happy dance.  Its embarrassing- but true.  I rip open the package like a child on their birthday.  I tear through all the pretty wrapping and finally cradle the package knowing that it's contents would be both delicious and energizing.  It's a little spot of happiness :-)  Most recently I was sent their Starbucks Reserve 100% Kona.

I remember visiting my dad when I was a kid who had just recently received a bag of Kona coffee straight from Hawaii from a business contact.  I remember the way he took it from its safe place and measured it out as though it was the most precious treasure.  He educated me on the small area of the Kona district of Hawaii, a small area, just 20 miles long and two wide, lush and fertile.  He brewed us both a cup (I started my coffee addiction early) and I immediately felt the special vibe of the cup.

When I opened the Kona reserve from Starbucks I felt the same sense of treasure that I sensed that day.  After I brewed a cup I remembered why- the Kona blend invokes the island ideal, full of citrus and a base of nuttiness.  It is bold without being overpowering and has a gentle acidity making it delightful drink just on its own, or paired with with a delightful lemon square.

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