Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Bar at The Langham Hotel

As kids-did anyone not wish to take a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? To wander through a land comprised of seemingly endless chocolate confections, a place where something achingly delicious is around every corner? Well, fear not, the Chocolate Bar at Boston's Langham Hotel is in full swing again this year to bring us face to face with Wonka-without any of the rather menacing sounding side affects of the Factory.

Each year the Chocolate Bar launches and each year it somehow out does its previous self. Running from September to June this years offering is variable based on chefs whim and encompasses every side of chocolate from the illusion of white to the deepest dark.  Imagine running through aisles of chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate filled cannoli, cookies, brownies, a sundae bar, and a chocolate fountain?  What if that was just the start?

On the day that I was invited to attend fresh cotton candy was being spun, there was a crepe station offering made to order creations, and then there were the truly artistic, imaginative offerings.  A Black Forest Chocolate Pyramid full of deep, rich chocolate cut with sweet tart cherries, an Earl Grey and Milk Chocolate Mousse Torte with Toasted Almonds- a perfect combination of the refinement of Earl Grey tea with creamy sweat chocolate and an Orange Marmalade Varrine which combined those favorite flavors of citrusy orange with deep rich chocolate to make a heavenly dessert rounded out my personal favorites.

I had been able to attend a special media tasting of the Chocolate Bar some years ago and I was blown away then, this year though, wandering through the great room filled with tortes, tarts, a hot chocolate bar and even a design your own cupcake bar- it was like being transported into my childhood dreams.

It is beyond worth it to check out the Langham Chocolate Bar for any special occasion, or any craving.  Also- its definitely a needed mention that The Langham just completed an incredible renovation of their common spaces- it is gorgeous in the historic building!


In and Around Town said...

The chocolate Bar is definitely a fun trip! I cannot wait to see the renovations to the space.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, delicious overload!

Megan @ Cooking Whims said...

I love the chocolate bar at the Langham, but found that you really need to enter it prepared to come out of it in a sugar/chocolate coma :) And yes -- every child's dream!

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