Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seattle Chefs Come Together in Support of One of Their Own

Well hello there- have we met?  I'm this terrible writer who has been awful, awful, awful about posting here lately!  And now that I am- it's to ask a huge favor.  I know...its bad, bad, bad.  I promise you though- I have some great pieces half way written and some wonderful things to review arriving all the time so that is a lot coming down the pike.  However right now- its favor time.

You know those people who affect your life completely within moments of meeting them?  Just by being who they are they make you see the world in an entirely different light and change your course of action.  I've met a handful of those people in during my years- and each one I cherish more than I could ever say.  One of those people to me, who happens to be an incredible Chef to boot, is now battling cancer.  The word alone sends shivers down my spine and I am racking my brain for things that I can do to help.  Distance is making this slightly difficult for me- but I did want to take some time to alert you all, my national readers, to an event happening to benefit this truly wonderful soul.

On January 27, the incredibly iconic Canlis restaurant in Seattle, WA (it was on Top Chef this season!) is hosting a dinner that features some of the greatest chefs in Seattle, and a menu designed by the man himself as a way to raise money and support this incredible human being.  If you are in, or know anyone in the Seattle area, will you please pass along the information for this event to benefit a truly great man?  All information, including details on the after party are included below.  Please, please help me spread the word.
I promise- we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly!

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