Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Koru Yoghurt

So it's apparently yogurt week here on ABFD but today were turning from Greek Yogurt-the hottest item on grocery shelves, to classic yoghurt- a real return to creamery style yoghurt made with real ingredients.

Koru is brand new to the market, and is launching with five flavors:  mango, passion fruit, peach, pomegranate cherry and strawberry goji.  They sent me two of their flavors the peach and the passion fruit and I thought that they were absolutely delicious.  Rich and creamy don't even begin to explain the decadence that was in these little cups.  The fruit was added in the right amount and with its big chunks the texture was pleasant.  The drawback to these however lay in the very decadence that made them delicious.  Koru is definitely not a "diet" option.  These are made with mix of milk and a bit of cream which makes them wonderfully real, but also, in my opinion, a treat more meant for dessert than for breakfast in my world.

Either way though-Koru Yoghurt is a delicious throw back to a real product, artfully crafted and thoughtfully prepared.  Score them when they reach your local store!


Elissa said...

do you have a contact at Koru? would you mind putting me in touch?

Lisa said...

I've been reading a lot of reviews of this product lately and you're the first one to admit this is more dessert than anything. It contains 26 grams of sugar: more sugar than a serving of Eddy's Slow Churned Ice Cream or a pudding cup. Crazy!! Personally I'm a big fan of Siggi's Icelandic Skyr. Low sugar, low cal, high protein.

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