Monday, May 27, 2013

Affogato- Perfection in Opposites

 You know, I have long been a believer that the simplest things in life are what are truly wonderful.  Walking through rows of flowers early in the morning, laughter, a favorite song on the radio, laughter, a knowing smile...the same often holds true for food.  There are some amazing dishes out there- truly incredible.  There are chefs who perform back breaking feats to plate a masterpiece that combines flavors and textures with such skill, and their complexity knows no bounds.  And as glorious as those dishes are, sometimes there isn't anything more wonderful than a simple dish, a mix of heart, and history and love.  To me, this is Affogato.

Affogato is the simplest of Italian desserts. Its recipe is two simple steps- scoop
ice cream, and pour hot, rich freshly prepared espresso over the top.  Together, they combine the perfection of opposites into a beautiful harmony.  The sweet of the ice cream, with the bitter flavor of the espresso.  The heat offset with the icy chill....the contrasts are where the beauty lies here.

I recently made this using that incredibly decadent chocolate ice cream I made some weeks ago, and the Napoli espresso from Nespresso. The rich complexity of the coffee bloomed into a light floral flavor with the addition of the bittersweet chocolate. 

No matter though what you use in regards to espresso or ice cream- the combination yields perfect complexity.  In the world of opposites attracting this is a place where one piece plays off of the other and brings out the best of each.


In and Around Town said...

Nick ordered this dessert recently and I went a different direction - I had such food envy when our desserts came to the table! This is such a great dessert!

Michelle Rago said...

That sounds delicious - did you ever get to try the chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream I made?

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