Monday, July 1, 2013

Essex, MA- the Land of Antiques, Shores and Clams

I realize that I talk about my love for Boston, and the rest of Massachusetts, on a pretty regular basis.  I have to say though- my love isn't unfounded.  This state has so many wonderful attributes, so many nooks and crannies full of amazing things that it's next to impossible to get bored.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of cruising up just 45 minutes outside of Boston to its North Shore and exploring the little town of Essex.  First settled in in 1634, it became incorporated as its own town in 1819.  Sitting directly on the Atlantic Ocean, it's no surprise that Essex is often the destination of beach goers, those who love seafood, and, perhaps surprisingly, antique seekers.  Essex is often referred to as the antique capital of the world and as you meander through its main streets you find shop after shop offering unique artifacts from days gone by. 

Essex, of course, in relation to this little piece of the web, is also known for it's fried clams.  Harvested locally from their own shores, the fried clam is known to have been invented right in the heart of town by resident Chubby Woodman.  These were first served at a 4th of July parade, garnering a healthy profit for the local man and today, his ancestors are still serving up the deep fried treats of the ocean in the same spot as his original stand, Woodsman's.  Of course, Woodman's isn't the only spot in town digging up these bivalves and frying them.  And checking out the other great spots in town was exactly what I was in Essex to do!  I had the opportunity to check out the original Woodman's, The Village, and Farnhams, all recognized nationally for their offerings in the fried clam world.

My thoughts to follow...

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In and Around Town said...

Grew up in that neck of the woods and never grow tired of it! such a great day trip!

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