Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Del Terruno Free Range Beef

This year we, here in Boston, learned a lot about the word "community".  We learned what it meant to be come together as one, to help out those who needed it and to work towards a common goal.  In the months following the bombings there were several fund raisers that were held to benefit the victims, with the intent that every piece of the profits go to the OneFund.  One of these benefits was the Boston Bites Back, a culinary event held at Fenway where Boston's best chefs came together to cook, and the residents of this city came to eat.  The intention here was to raise $1 million for the One Fund, and this meant that the chefs, while serving up inspired dishes, also must be economical with their products to make sure that as much of the profit went to the One Fund- Holliston based Del Terruno Free Range Beef company stepped in to help out- donating 100lbs of beef strip loin to the event.  An incredible donation by any standard.
Del Terruno Free Range Beef is sourced from cows who feast on fresh grass twelve months a year in Uruguay.  The cattle is never fed or treated with any type of antibiotics, animal by products or growth hormones.  This results in an incredible flavored beef.  The taste is clean allowing the true flavor of beef to be present and much leaner than ordinary beef.  This actual results in better health benefits as well.  Del Terruno beef is high in anti oxidants and beta carotene, as well as having higher levels of CLA's which have been tied to helping to fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

I had the honor of receiving samples of the product- a ribeye and a pound of their ground beef.

I started off with the ribeye which I feasted on as a celebration of kicking off a week of vacation one friday evening.  I am always amazed by the difference in the favor of grass fed free range beef.  Where average beef has a rich flavor from fat marbling throughout the cut, this had concentrated fat on the outside of the cut only creating a much leaner, lighter flavor.  However the beef itself was still tender and juicy just as you want in a good steak.  I loved this as a reward to hard work week and a way to kick off a week of fun and relaxation.

A few days later I made burgers.  Isn't there just something about a good juicy burger?  Honestly, every time I have one, whether it's during a summer bbq or at a fancy sit down restaurant or even in the comfort of my own home with snow falling outside, I am immediately brought to the relaxation and ease of a summer day.  The indulgent flavor of the beef, sandwiched between two pieces of bread, no matter the variety, it is just the ultimate finger food.  Del Turruno's beef brought all of that to life for me.  A full patty, juicy from the perfect amount of fat, with its natural grassy flavors enhanced with just a little salt and pepper.   Just as with the steak, this had a tremendously clean taste, while still satisfying that indulgent vibe that a burger does.

Del Terruno Free Range beef is quality, plain and simple.  Its flavor is pure, and every cut satisfies that meat craving without leaving you heavy and weighed down.  Their products can be found at:

Abba Restaurant – Orleans, MA

Alchemy Restaurant – Edgartown, MA

Atlantic Fish & Chop House –Edgartown, MA

Atria Restaurant – Edgartown, MA

Ceres Bistro – Worcester, MA

Détente – Edgartown, MA

L’etoile Restaurant – Edgartown, MA

Ferreti’s Market – Brewster, MA

Marty’s Fine Wines, Gourment Foods & Spirits – Newton, MA

Noon Hill Grill – Medfield, MA

Sweet Life Café – Oak Bluffs, MA

Taranta – Boston, MA

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