Monday, October 20, 2014

Salvatore's Restaurants Offer Half Off Entrees for Unplugging

You know - when Salvatore's pizza soaked fruit in alcohol and tossed it atop a pizza I thought they were pretty great.  It was a smooth move, one might even say it was a way to improve the impossible to improve.  Now however, now Im in love with Salvatore's.  

The restaurant group has decided to help us unplug.  Far too often when I'm out I look around and it seems every person is nose down in their phones.  Between the texting, and the face-biz, and the twittering and the instagraming...well- there is a lot going on on those hand held devices.  So starting today, Salvatore's Restaurants is offering a buy one, get one for their entrees every Monday during lunch (12 pm to 3 pm) if their patrons check their phones at the host stand for their meal.  The restaurant will take care of bagging and tagging the phones and then will return them at the end of the meal.  And dont worry if you're dining alone- you'll get 50% off of your entree.  

I gotta say- I applaud Salvatore's for this one.  Meal time is one of the best times to catch up with loved ones, to share stories of the day, and to enjoy the company of those sitting right next to you, or across the table.  Let's join Salvatore's in this movement to unplug, taste our food, and enjoy our companions.

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