Monday, March 2, 2015

Travelers Forbidden Apple Ale

Oh Traveler's have done it again!  A few years ago I was introduced to their shandys- blends of juices with wheat beers.  Their blends were both unique and comforting and I fell in love.  A few weeks ago they let me in on their newest brain child- their Forbidden Apple Ale.

I'll be frank with you- I was hesitant with this one.  I am a cider drinker but even for me, some apple products can just be too sweet.  This Forbidden Ale  It is a wheat beer, brewed with apples...and not sugar.  The flavor is clean, it has a strong beer flavor with this wonderful, subtle fresh apple feel.  This is not like alcoholic soda- this is beer, tried and true, with a little autumnal feel.

This one is seasonal- so get it while it lasts!

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