Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Krave Jerky- The Perfect Snack

Road trips have basically always been my all time favorite thing.  We did a lot of driving when I was growing up and there was always something cozy about piling into the car, singing along to the radio and playing road games with the family.  Let's be frank though- as much as I loved the activities, I was all about the car snacks (you can feign surprise now).  As my mom was always on top of making sure we had proper nutrients, car snacks were comprised of lots of fresh fruit and slices of cheese...and then normally when we'd make a pit stop we'd get some sort of a treat.  I remember carefully selecting my cookies or chips or, lets be frank here, holding out for a donut. We'd hang out with my father at the register while he paid and I always remember spying the bags of jerky that would undoubtedly be there.  My dad would always chuckle and make a joke about army food when he'd follow my gaze, and that was all I ever new of jerky- gas station food, hard little pucks of salty meat product.

Krave Jerky entered the scene just about 6 years ago, revolutionizing the snack market, and, for that matter, the jerky market.  Here's the deal with jerky- when made with quality ingredients- it is a low fat, high protein product.  It fills you up without adding in fillers that cost you precious calories when you're counting them.  They are low in carbohydrates and salt, making Krave Jerky a perfect refueling snack.

Honestly, being someone who really struggles with placing "good for me" over "tastes delicious", I love Krave because of all of the fun flavors it comes in.  Every pack is a different, interesting combo, and each one packs a serious punch for the taste buds.  My favorites have been the Pineapple Orange that reminds me of my families Christmas Ham with lots of sweet and warming spices, and the Basil Citrus that makes my inner Italian Grandmother far too happy.

If you haven't given Krave a shot- go try a pack.  This isn't that gas station variety jerky - this stuff is filling, flavorful and delicious!

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