Friday, August 12, 2016

It's Time

Yeah, things have been quiet ‘round these parts lately.  Im not going to offer excuses or lame explanations.  We all live life- it gets hectic and crazy.  Sometimes those things that you love, the things that you adore, the things that make you want to jump up and down with giddiness- more often than not those are the things that take a back seat to those pesky obligations.  You focus on the HAVE to do’s rather than the WANT to do’s.  I'm sure every day all of our Facebook feeds are filled with inspirational quotes, lord knows mine is,  my favorite is the one that chirps “I don’t HAVE to work out, I GET to work out”.   Yeah…when its 5 am and my alarm is being a loud jerk, you know thats exactly what Im thinking.  I'm certainly not silently cursing the mounds of food I've eaten in the years previous that make those gym trips mandatory.  But I digress, life gets nuts and my list of amazing restaurants that I want to try gets longer and longer.  The list of incredible wines I want to share with you is getting added to almost daily yet nothing appears here, and so many recipes need to be formalized and documented.  

Here’s the thing though- today I realized an honest need.  Every week I talk to people in very real terms about wine.  I work to educate every person in how to properly taste wine, what to look for, how to pair it easily and how to tune in to what each person individually enjoys in wine.  This, before anything else- this is paramount.  

However, earlier today I spied a wine review that I read, word for word, and could not, for the life of me, determine any characteristic of the wine.  Body, tannin, acid- did the reviewer even like the wine?  I was befuddled.  And then I thought about you guys- the average wine buyer.  Someone who has some knowledge of wine, but maybe not a lot.  Someone who knows they like wine, but when asked what flavors are in the nose they respond simply “wine?” Someone who stands in their favorite wine store, and chooses the same bottle week after week because they know they like it and because lets face it- there’s a little fear there in trying something new.  I read this review with your eyes and honestly I became pretty outraged.  Every flowery word, every illogical analogy, every contradictory statement enflamed my anger more.  So here it is- Im going to teach you wine.

I'm going to make sure that when you read a review like that you can tell its complete hog wash.  We’re going to compare and contrast.  We’re going to make sure that when you walk into that wine store, you reach for a bottle a few aisles over from your safety bottle- because you can.  We’re going to travel the world through our glasses - I know it sounds like a real chore right?

So join me- here and on Instagram (@fmcoxe) and we’ll sort out this wine business once and for all!  

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