Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How Would You Redesign Boston Common?

I'm honestly not sure if there is anything as quintessential to Boston as Boston Common.  It's like apple pie and America.  The oldest city park in the US, it dates back to 1634 when it was used for cows to graze until it became a bit too popular for that use.  Later it provided a restful location for the military to set up camp during the American Revolution, and its green calming space was where many soldiers departed from to march to Lexington and Concord.  Though it was also used for darker events as it became the place for hangings, and for a while a dumping ground which caused the citizens to stay away.  However since the advent of the 1900's we've seen the space used for concerts and speeches, rallies and marches.  It is truly the common space for the city, open to all.  

Respecting the nature of that common space, the city is now appealing to its residents for help with the common.  Boston Common has just received $28 million to be used for its revitalization.  The powers that be have a whole host of people studying the common- structural engineers, environmental experts, storm water experts...all sorts of people to make real improvements to the space. However- they want to know what we as the residents, the people who frequent the common every day, weekly, monthly or even just occasionally want to see.  They have opened up a survey  and urging all to respond and give ideas. 

So what do you want to see?  Boston is, already, the best city.  We are constantly striving to achieve greatness in all aspects and often lead the way for the rest of the country.  We contribute in sciences and finance, politically and healthcare, sports and the arts.  Let's use those amazing brains and talent to come to get to design our common to be the best it can be.   One quick favor though- please don't bring back the cows- my dog would NOT appreciate their presence ;-)

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