Sunday, April 13, 2008

Atlantic Fish Company, Boston - Brunch

Brunch is one of those meals that you just cant beat. A lazy meal on a Sunday afternoon or late morning is just the perfect end to a weekend. I had the opportunity to check out Atlantic Fish Company's brunch last weekend. I have been a big fan of AFC for a few years for their dinner service, I find the their fish to be incredibly fresh, their service very attentive, and their menu simple, but a very good collection of dishes. Needless to say, I was excited to see if their brunch menu upheld the ideals of their dinner service.

Our server definitely upheld the image of what Atlantic strives to be. He was polite, charming, and was very familiar with the menu. He made great suggestions, and was knowledgeable about each dish that we questioned him on. By his rave reviews, I chose to get their eggs benedict over crab cakes. Thse were served with pan roasted fingerling potatos and light greens. I was a bit hesitant to try a benedict dis again after the last time that I had it at Masa a few months ago. I was very pleasantly surprised with the complete opposite experience with Atlantic. The eggs were perfectly poached, over crab cakes that were full of fresh crab and not weighed down with lots of bread crumbs as they some times are. The hollandaise was light and fluid throughout the meal. Not once did I feel that it had congealed at all or had become a heavy entity on the plate. Instead, I couldnt stop eating my meal and absolutely cleaned my plate. the potatoes, though I personally enjoy a crispy hash brown with my breakfast, were tasty despite their soft nature, they were very well seasoned. I was a bit concerned about the greens on the side, the idea of egg yoke mixing with arugala upset me slightly, however it turned out to be a perfect compliment to the meal.

My mother, my dining companion, had a crab cake melt that was to be accented with a pistachio pesto and brie. She found that the crab cake itself was delicious, however their wasnt enough of the pesto, and she thought that the brie got a bit lost with the bread. She did however thoroughly enjoy their white sangria, though she was remiss that it was served in a large glass and she just couldnt finish it all. I, however, did not have any problem finishing my raspberry martini which was a bit strong for a brunch type drink, but delicious none the less.

All in all, our brunch was delicious. The atmosphere in Atlantic Fish Company is beautiful, and I find very relaxing, and their food has always been superior in my opinion.

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