Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cityside, Brighton, MA

I do love food, and some might consider me a "foodie"-though does anyone know what the real definition of that is? However there are some restaurants that make me incredibly happy, even though their food is only so so. These are the places that hold memories, that you've had great times in with friends or family, and that going back to, again and again in some cases, make you feel as though you're almost going home. I recently got to re-visit one of my favorite restaurants from when I first moved into Boston- Cityside Bar and Grille in Brighton.

The food at Cityside is not stellar. Its nothing out of the ordinary- general pub food really- but being there just brings back these wonderful memories and feelings. I enjoyed my grilled salmon salad well enough- the salmon was fully cooked-something that I relish in a place that isn't known for great seafood, and the greens were fresh. The dressing, nicely served on the side, was light, fresh and delicious. Was the meal inspired? Is it somewhere that Id tell out of towners they HAVE to go to? No. But Cityside remains one of my favorite spots.

I think that that is one of the best things about food-wonderful feelings can well up from little things. Of course there is something to be said for a beautifully prepared, perfectly cooked, well plated meal. I will never knock that, and completely appreciate it, however how often do you order a slice of apple pie and emphatically proclaim that your mom's is better? Is it really? Well maybe, but more so you're probably associating the taste with the love of being home again, in mom's kitchen enjoying the fruits of her labor. In that case-its not about what schools the chef went to, or where they were trained, but more its about those wonderful feelings that are instilled from the memories of what apple pie means to you. That is what Cityside is to me- its a place that I know, that I feel as though I had some of my first "after work cocktails" in, and became the city girl that I am in.

Cityside- your food may not be off the charts (though I challenge anyone to not enthusiastically suck down a house made MGM cocktail in record time) but you hold many wonderful memories for me, and have won a place on my list of favorites.

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