Friday, August 15, 2008

Bar 12-21, Morton's, Boston

A few days ago a friend of mine and I were out for some drinks and decided to get a little food, more of a snack, to go with our beers and wine. His suggestion was Morton's bar, 12-21. It turned out to be a fantastic suggestion. The bar itself was relatively quiet, just a few people scattered around it, while the restaurant and private rooms were still jumping. We settled in, got some drinks, and perused the menu for what our evening snack would be. 12-21 has devised a really creative "bar menu" full of tasty selections for a reasonable cost. Honestly, we had difficulty choosing what we were going to have, but finally decided on the Four Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches and the Blue Cheese French Fries. I was VERY happy with our selections.
The filet was served medium rare (as it should be) in sandwich form with a tasty mustard mayonnaise that really complimented the beef well. If there is one thing that I am- its a tried and true carnivore. I really enjoy the taste, the flavor, of beef, so I really enjoyed that the sauce wasn't at all over powering, but simply added a bit of wetness to the bread, and another dimension to the offering. I do have to note though- the portions of filet were not generous. They were thin slices of the beef, maybe two to a sandwich. Now-I wasn't anticipating a full serving at the prices that they were charging, but the meat got a little lost in the bread that that they served it on. If they were looking for suggestions, I would think maybe a smaller serving of bread- as opposed to a soft roll, maybe toast (?) or a ciabatta bread that seems a bit thinner by nature? Something that doesn't completely over power the rest of the ingredients as they are spot on, and completely delicious.
The Blue Cheese French Fries die for. The fries were crisp, perfectly crisp, and piping hot. The blue cheese crumbled over them gave that beautiful tangy flavor, and the softness of the cheese really offset the crisp fries. The part that I really loved though, was that they had sprinkled some red pepper flakes over the top as well. It was a fantastic addition- the lovely fried, starchy flavor of the potato, the tangy and creamy cheese, and then spicy hot pepper flakes- it was a perfect dish.
The setting of the bar was also very nice. Morton's in the Back Bay is underground, so I almost had that "gentleman's club" feel while there. Its quiet and elegant inside, with several private rooms for intimate dining. The bar was spacious, and to my initial happiness, the bar tender was chatty and friendly. However, I fear that my friend and I slightly abused him with some Red Sox post- trade banter. With any luck, he wont remember me though- I have to go back for some of those fries- they were out of this world!

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