Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Edition- Stowe, Vermont- Jamie's on Main

Stowe, Vermont is one of those beautifully quaint towns in New England-the ones that are pictured in movies and postcards. A town center with a barber shop, a General Store, town post office, a steepled church...all signs of a bygone era when horse and carriage ruled the streets, and going to 'town' was an occasion. Walking around the town you can see the old way of life, a General Store that seems to really contain "General needs" items, and even and old Depot. Within that Depot building, among many other wares and items for sale, sits a coffee shop named Jamie's on Main, whose simple advertisement reads "Good Food".

With simplicity and conviction like that- I knew that Jamie's would be a great place to stop for lunch. The the restaurant itself was small, spilling out into the rest of the Depot, the friendly staff, and other patrons make you feel right at home. Their menu, written on a chalk board above the register, reads clearly of tempting breakfast items (only served til 11 sadly) and delicious sounding sandwiches and salads. Though I was tempted by a helping of their broccoli salad, I instead chose a sandwich consisting of (I believe) homemade hummus, honey mustard, sprouts, red peppers, cucumber(?) and cheddar cheese. My DC chose what they touted as the towns best BLT.

My sandwich was served on a rich wheat bread, thickly sliced, and obviously homemade. The fillings were plentiful, and delicious. The hummus had obviously been made on site, and contained more than just the obvious chick pea-black beans appeared throughout and the combination of that with the mustard was slightly sweet, but with a little mustard kick as well. The varying textures of the rest of the ingredients played very well off of each other and made for a very fresh tasting, nutritious sandwich. I do wish that the bread had been toasted as I think it would have added a little extra crunch, but I think that I could have easily requested that.

The BLT, as it was found, really was a delicious version. Though it was the only one we sampled, I would be surprised if there is one better. The bacon had a delicious smokey flavor that didn't appear to be over processed. Big thick slices of tomato and lettuce- the sandwich was again, stuffed full and made for a hearty meal.

We sat inside the restaurant, though outside seating was available, looking out the windows on to Main Street, watching the town walk by. We we also able to steal some glances at Jamie's pastry selection which looked incredible- the cup cakes in particular were calling to us, but our sandwiches were just so filling- we had to pass them by. However-on future visits, a cup cake shall be had.

Jamie's is definitely a "must stop" on my short list of Stowe eateries- with a friendly staff, quality products, and delicious combinations- I'm wishing it was closer to Boston!

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