Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ducali, North End, Boston

Sometimes all you want is a good pizza. Sunday night after watching a very satisfying Pats game we were in the mood for a great pie. Being too lazy to make it over to Santarpio's for the all time best, we decided to try a new-ish place on the outskirts of the North End. Ducali opened just this past July and has gotten pretty decent reviews for a new place in an area of town where people know their pizza. Located on Causeway Street, just past the Garden, they offer casual fare, pizza, paninis and a good selection of beers and wines. We headed in to grab a pizza go go, and decided to indulge in a drink and share their antipasto misto plate while we waited.
The antipasto was simple, but delicious. Prosciutto and Salami paired with Parmesan and Provolone cheeses decorated the plate in generous portions. The meats were fantastic, cured to salty perfection, just the right flavors and consistency. The cheeses were equally as good- the Parmesan salty and crumbly, the Provolone creamy and rich. Both offset the meats in their own way and made for a really tasty appetizer.
We had decided to keep our pizza order simple, and went with just a Margherita, which is always one of my favorites. Simple Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil- its a combination that you just cant go wrong with, and when done well, its outstanding. Based on our experience with the appetizer, I couldn't wait to get home and try out their pizza which was sure to be a hit.
Words cannot describe the disappointment. John's very first bite contained a hair. I wont go into detail as it still grosses me out, but it was a hair and therefore it was an uneaten pizza that then hit the trash can. To be honest- I have to state-it didn't look that great either, but then maybe I'm just bitter. A half hour and one phone call to our reliable delivery place Cinderella's later, and we had a pizza once again- hair free.
I cannot begin to express the disgust that I have for unsanitary eating establishments. Ducali- invest in some hairnets, or hats or something-no one wants a hair with their mozzarella. I don't care how good your antipasto is- I won't be returning

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Andrea said...

This made me feel bad for Ducali--sometimes as hard as a restaurant tries, something goes amiss--like a hair in the pizza. I know it's gross, but given your positive experience with the antipasti, I'd encourage you to give them another chance. (and they're not paying me to say so : )

Boston Food Diary said...

Hey Andrea
Honestly I felt bad writing it, but at the same time it was the first impression and I cannot get the mental image out of my head :-( Im sad about it- the antipasto was delicious

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