Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Boston

Continuing our quest to find our favorite steakhouse in Boston, we stumbled into Ruth's Chris the other night to escape from the rain and the cold. Being an extreme lover of American History, especially since Boston is steeped in it, I was thrilled by the location.
Right on the Freedom Trail, just steps from the Capital building sits the Old City Hall built between 1862 and 1865 and used as the official City Hall building until 1969, it is a real piece of Bostonian History. Though for over a century this building held the law makers of this great city, today it is occupied by over 20 different businesses. One of which is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
Entering the building gave me a feeling of mystery and wonder, and I hoped for an equally pleasing dinner. We were seated promptly, in what the host was pleasant enough to tell us was his favorite room. It was a lovely room- stone and wood, perfect for the time period in which the building was built. Once seated we were handed menus, and within just moments our server came to greet us. Throughout the evening, I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with her- she had reached the perfect combination of professionalism and familiarity to make me feel right at home.
We decided to start with their Crabtini- which was large chunks of crab meat dressed in a light vinaigrette, enhanced with just some light veggies and lettuce all served in a martini glass. It was delicious. I was very surprised at the size of the crab, they were honestly huge, and of course sweet and tasty. The vinaigrette offset the sweetness really nicely, and all in all it was a perfect palate teaser for the steaks that we were about to enjoy.
I chose the Ribeye for myself, and John decided on a Petite Filet and Shrimp combination that paired two 4 oz Filet's with Gulf Shrimp. We also decided to share their sauteed spinach and their mashed potatoes. My steak was perfect-well marbled, full of flavor, moist and tender and exactly medium rare as specified. Fantastic. I loved every bite of it- even the leftovers I brought home! John's shrimp were also wonderful, and his steak had great flavor, though his was a bit over cooked which was disappointing, however this didn't seem to diminish his experience too greatly. The mashed potatoes that we selected were described as having just a hint of garlic-wow were these addictive. The garlic was present, but not over powering, and nicely blended in. Normally I can resist having more than three or four bites of potatoes, but these- I just couldn't keep my fork away. The spinach, on the other hand, was a bit of a failure. While the menu described it as being sauteed with just a little butter, what we were served, based on the amount of water that was in the dish as well, appeared to steamed which I would normally be fine with, except that it was insanely salty. No more than just a few bites of the spinach got down- but thank goodness that wasn't the main entree.
Dinner complete, but wine still to be drunk we decided to take a look at the dessert menu. The perfect end to the meal was found in a delicious Creme Brulee served with fresh berries decorating the top. Something about cracking through the top crunchy layer of sugar into the creamy and wonderful custard below is just heaven.
Ruth's Chris has definitely won my affection. From entrance, to the kindness and friendliness of the staff, to the wonderful food, I am definitely a fan and hope to return again very soon.

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