Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday night- time to decompress!

Another weekend is winding down here in Boston, and we here at ABFD are getting ready for the week ahead.  By that, of course, I mean that I am watching The Food Network, and writing blogs as I do, and John is taking a little nap on the couch. 

Tomorrow starts a new week- and even better- the week before the 4th of July- what great Patriotic things do you have planned for the holiday- or, even better- what are your favorite 4th of July treats?


The Small Boston Kitchen said...

I don't know why, but to me, the 4th = berries. Particularly strawberries and blueberries, maybe some whip cream so you get the whole red white and blue thing happening?

Boston Food Diary said...

Love it! I totally feel the same way- berries and whipped cream....or maybe berry ice cream???

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