Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicago Cubs in Boston: Ways to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Big weekend happening here in Boston- the Chicago Cubs, who haven't graced our city in some 96 years with their presence, are returning for a momentous series of games.  Whether you're from the Boston area, or you're just a fan, you know how incredible it is to have this team back in our town, and ready to play some baseball!

The last time that we played the Cubs in beautiful Fenway Park was in 1918, the momentous World Series that would be our last until we finally "reversed the curse" in 2004 and took it all home.  As Fenway prepares for this epic dual, all of us fans without tickets are left to our own devices for proper celebration prospects.  

Photo courtesy of Kayem
Rumor has it that the dank dreary weather that has plagued the area for the past week or so will start to move out this weekend, which to me means it may just be perfect grilling weather.  The folks over at Kayem, the company of the official Fenway Frank and, as of today, the official Fenway Sausage, have come up with a perfect tribute to the Windy City, easy to make at home- the Chicago Style Hot Dog!


Start with an all-beef, natural casing frank, ideally inside a poppy seed bun.
Add the following seven toppings, in this order:
1) yellow mustard
2) Bright Neon Green Relish
3) Chopped sweet onions
4) Two tomato wedges
5) Pickle spear
6) Two sport peppers
7) Dash of celery salt. 

Are you someone who would prefer to enjoy the game closer to Fenway than your own home?  Jerry Remy's in Fenway is hosting their own tribute to the match up by presenting both the traditional Fenway Frank, as well as the Chicago Dog, and they are bringing in Chicago Brews to quench that baseball thirst (from all the cheering of course)!

Their menu for the weekend will include:

(Available option to have one of each styled hot dog):

Traditional Fenway Frank:
  • Kayem all-beef kosher hot dog, sweet relish, spicy mustard, on  a New England style roll: 2 for $9
  • Beer: Samuel Adams Summer Ale: SM. $6 & Lg. $8.25
Chicago-style Dog:

  • All-beef Vienna hot dog, green relish, on a poppy seed bun: 2 for $9
  • Beer: Two Brothers Brewing Company Rotating Draft: SM. $6.50 & Lg. $9.00
Other Chicago themed brews: Domaine Dupage, Cain & Ebel, and The Bitter End.

It will be an exciting weekend here in Boston- I can't wait to see those games!!

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Jen said...

I always eat a Fenway Frank when I go to games. SO GOOD. Maybe I should head down to Jerry Remy's to watch some baseball and eat some hot dogs.

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