Monday, May 23, 2011

Cutty's, Brookline Village, Brookline

Sandwiches, in my family, are a big deal.  My mom grew up in the New York area and compares every sandwich to the New York Deli's she was accustomed to.  Ill spare you the details, however very few sandwiches in this area stack up.  Now, this becomes a problem occasionally when we are out for an afternoon and a sandwich craving strikes.  I recall an afternoon spent driving around the Cape, and then into Rhode Island, searching for a good sandwich.  I spent most of that afternoon threatening to knock on a strangers door and ask them if they had the makings of a sandwich out of pure hunger/starvation.  It has since become a family joke, and often when I describe a place as having a good sandwich, I'll throw in the caveat-"to ME they have a good sandwich"-so my mothers hopes don't get too high. 

About a year ago I heard about a place called Cutty's, opening in Brookline Village, that concentrates on sandwiches.  They tout clean, fresh ingredients, inventive sandwiches, and all served at a quick pace, and reasonable prices.  Ever since I heard about their Saturday sandwich special- the Pork Rabe-I knew I had to check it out. 

This past Saturday I knew I was going to be in the area, and decided to pick up a couple of sandwiches to split with my mom, the ultimate test.  I, of course, settled on the Pork Rabe, and added an Eggplant Spuckie to the order as well.  I got to my moms and we immediately split the sandwiches, starting with the Spuckie, still warm from being pressed pannini style. 

A Spuckie-for those curious- is the grandfather of the basic submarine sandwich.  It was first referred to in Italian American communities in the North East, some even attributing it to Boston.  While the Sub of today can include any number of ingredients, the Spuckie had very Italian basis, typically filled with Italian cured meats and cheeses.  Cutty's offers the traditional version, but also offered the Eggplant as a vegetarian option.  Served on Ciabatta bread, this sandwich was loaded with roasted eggplant, a carrot and olive salad and hand pulled Mozzarella cheese. The hot pressing of this sandwich melted the cheese and therefore bound together the crunchy carrots, salty olives and the earthy eggplant. The result was a delicious flavor and texture combination.  Eggplant, I often find, when cooked mellows its flavor into an almost buttery state, the vegetable takes on a creamy vibe mixed into its natural earthy flavor.  The mix of that with the wonderful cheese and then contrasted with the bright, fresh flavors of the carrot salad made for a perfect sandwich.  I truly enjoyed every bite of this one, and noted at the end of my half that just that half would have been sufficient for lunch.

However, being the little piggy I am, I dove right into my half of the Pork Rabe.  A sesame seed bun was stuffed high with thinly sliced pork, steamed to a perfect al dente broccoli rabe and provolone cheese.  Broccoli Rabe is one of those delightful vegetables I had to teach myself to like.  Bitter by nature, if you aren't prepared for it's natural flavor, it can provide a bite that you aren't prepared for.  However, if expected, its purity can really clarify other flavors- and at Cutty's it was paired nicely with the robust pork and that lovely provolone.  

Reviewing the ideas that chef/owner Charles Kelsey put forth when he created Cutty's- I believe he's delivering on most of them.  The sandwiches are chock full of fresh, clean ingredients.  The quality of every item is clear and the products are inventive.  The restaurant itself is clean and pure looking, which only adds to the idea that added impurities won't be found at Cutty's.  My only concern was price where the website touts that their prices could be comparable to other fast food eateries, I found myself a little disarmed at the $17.00 + price tag for the sandwich duo.  That said, I was fully satisfied after just a half sandwich, so had we split just the one sandwich, $8 something for two wouldn't be so shocking. 

Either way, most important to me was that my mother, the toughest sandwich critic I know, enjoyed both sandwiches very much, and I think that Cutty's might just be a great solution to our Sandwich Quandary.   


In and Around Town said...

I work right near Cutty's and have been a couple times, all with great results. Most of the time we choose there when the boss is paying because it is a bit $!

Delicious Dishings said...

The eggplant spuckie sounds fabulous! We live right near All-Star and every time we go and just grab 2 sandwiches, it's around $18. So overpriced, yet so good.

Aimee said...

I recently visited Cutty's for the first time and also had the Eggplant Spuckie. It was so big I had half for lunch...and then the rest for dinner. So delicious!

Jen said...

I haven't been to Cutty's yet, but it sounds like I need to go. Glad you and your mom enjoyed your sandwiches.

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