Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Gallows, South End, Boston

Almost a year ago I journeyed to The Gallows in the South End for the first Boston Food Bloggers meet up.  Seemingly hundreds of Boston area food bloggers piled into its four walls, mingling, chatting and scarfing down all of the tasty bites the Gallows had on hand for us.  I had a smattering of food, and resolved that I would soon return to try more of their menu, and really learn what makes them sing.  A few days ago, I finally had an opportunity to make good on this resolve. 

The Gallows from the moment we entered, was warm, welcoming, and most of all, fun.  The staff fell right into an easy comfort, cracking jokes where appropriate, recommending favorites, and answering any ridiculous question we could come up with.  The food didn't miss a beat and only improved on the experience.

We began our meal with an order of their Simple Poutine.  Poutine, if you are unfamiliar, is Canadian in origin, a hearty serving of freshly fried potatoes topped with creamy cheese curds and a brown gravy.  The Gallows version is, in a word, addictive.  The cheese curds, just a bit tangy and salty, are the perfect topper for the crisp french fries with a nice gravy to make the whole mess that much more tempting. Honestly, with something as devilish as Poutine, you really can't go wrong.  

I had a difficult time deciding on my entree, finally settling on the slow roasted Berkshire Pork, which was served atop fresh apple sauce, and topped with a salad of escarole and chicory with a bacon vinaigrette.  The play between the bitter, crisp greens and the sweet apple sauce was a stroke of genius, with the pork playing a harmonious role between the two. I did wish that the bacon vinaigrette had a bit more bacon to it, as it was overpowered by the other flavors, and the pork was a bit on the fatty side, however to be honest, neither really made for negative feel to the dish.  

The cocktails, at The Gallows, are another high point. Libations I sampled were well balanced, each flavor described present, and all in a pleasing way.  They are, I will say, potent as well.

The Gallows is not a spot to be missed, and I am kicking myself for delaying my visit so long.  It is a spot where patrons can immediately settle in for an evening of fun, well designed drinks and delicious, comforting food.    


Delicious Dishings said...

Cocktails and poutine? Sounds like a winning combination to me!

In and Around Town said...

I loved my recent trip to the Gallows - Great Review!

Kristen said...

I have been in the same boat as you - trying to return since the BFB launch party. I recently showed up a couple weeks ago and they were closed for a private party (BOO!) so I still haven't gotten to have a proper dinner there!

Amanda L @Tales from a Kitchen Misfit said...

it's really a shame that most of the south end is so out of the way for me, since i've been wanting to go back to the gallows since the BFB launch party as well!

Anonymous said...

I love the Gallows. You have to try their Scotch Eggs- fantastic. I must go back and try the Poutine!

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