Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Starbucks Sun Dried Ethiopia Harrar

Bleary eyed and often pressed for time, Coffee is the beverage we reach for to put some pep in our step and start the day off right.  That bitter flavor from roasted coffee beans awakens our senses and the caffeine brings that jolt of energy we so often need.  Of course Coffee isn't just something to swill down on the way to the office.  Coffee, is so much more than that.  Different regions, and techniques greatly vary the flavor of coffee, making it clear that every cup is as diverse as the mugs we all use. 

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was sent a package of Starbucks latest reserve coffee: Sun Dried Ethiopia Harrar.  Truly, this is a coffee unlike any other.  There are times when I read packages of food and the flavors sound amazing, but the delivery is a far cry from what was promised.  Sun Dried Ethiopia Harrar packs a powerful punch- bringing in rich, dark notes of chocolate, rum and berries.  This is a perfect coffee to pair with dessert, as the refined sugars bring out the natural sweetness of this very full bodied coffee.

Sun Dried Ethiopia Harrar is cultivated in a single small region in Ethiopia and harvested uniquely, resulting in this rich brew.  This coffee is dried as a full fruit, under the sun, and then husked once it is fully dehydrated.  Allowing the bean to fully dry in its hull gives it the full flavors that make this coffee so unique. 

Starbucks sells this only for a short time, and for a steep price tag, but it is definitely worth it for pairing with all of your holiday desserts.

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