Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

It is certainly "that" time of year again- a time to look back and a time to look forward.  It's a time to reflect on the joys and challenges of the year previous, and to make goals and create hopes for the year to come.  2011 was a year of change for me.  It was a year that presented, as I'm sure it did for all of us, challenges, but it also was a year where great things happened.  Both of these types of events are catalysts that I will utilize to propel me into 2012, to create new challenges and new joys.  

As I look back on 2011, I am thrilled to look back on many of the events that I was able to share with you all, the events of A Boston Food Diary:

2011 began with several fiery posts where I defended both the quality of food in Boston, as well as the respect due to the serving staff in the restaurants around this city.  A Boston Food Diary turned 3 years old, and I continued to pursue trying new to me foods.  

I had the extreme honor of being invited to attend one of the Four Season's cooking classes- a unique experience to cook alongside Chef Vosika and check out one of their fabulous kitchens. They are offering classes throughout 2012 as well- I would absolutely urge you to check them out!

Speaking of classes, I was also able to attend two days of baking classes at the King Arthur Facility, and learned so much about different types of flour, baking techniques, and the joy that comes from baking a perfect loaf of bread, and perfect pie crust. King Arthur Flour offers these classes year round- if you have any baking fears, I urge you to head on up there and take a class or two.  Since my attendance I have been baking far more, and and much more comfortable doing it.  If you can't get up to King Arthur- at least check out their website- they have a support chat feature which is truly incredible and they have helped me out of several jams!

In May, one of the top news stories centered around the end of the world.  Being as consumed by food as I am, I spent a moment reflecting on, if that rumor were true, what would I want to eat during my final day.  I certainly do know how to make anything about food huh?

June was a busy month after my adventures at King Arthur Flour, I then had the opportunity to compete in I Can't Believe It's Not Butter's Toast Off campaign, which included jetting down to NYC and competing against some other amazing cooks.  Though I didn't walk away with top prize, I did leave NY with a new found appreciation for the wonder of toast, amazement at the creativity of others, and a burgeoning love for New York City. Recaps:

Summer brought me to Nantucket for a weekend to hang with my sister and her friends as they competed in the Nantucket Tri (my sister is such a rock star).  I was finally able to dine at Company of the Cauldron, a spot I have wanted to try for years. 

I launched the new look of A Boston Food Diary in September, the result of months of work for the brand new logo by the ever patient Krys Mroczkowski.  Seriously- if you guys need logo work done the kid is amazing!

The end of the year grew hectic in my personal life (work) and so I concentrated more on comforting foods and embracing the flavors of fall. However, in this time I was able to present my first wine review.  I have been itching to explore the world of wine more and more, and when I was invited to attend the Mauritson Wine dinner at Legal Seafoods, I was thrilled. 

Recipes from the past year I think deserve a look at:
Butternut Squash Bisque
Pumpkin Pancakes, with Apple Cider Syrup 
Caramel Apple Cupcakes
Pate a Choux
Warmed Blue Cheese and Apricot Crostini
Truffled Mushroom Bruschetta
Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownies 
Salsa Verde

I will be spending the next few days thinking about 2012, it is a year I am thrilled to begin, and I am excited to set forth my thoughts on what I anticipate for the year.

Happy New Year all!



Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

What a great year 2011 was for you! Wishing you another wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year!

Delicious Dishings said...

Great recap! Happy New Year!

Jen said...

Great recap of the past year! Some of your pics covered some of the words in your post? Any idea how to fix that?

Melanie said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed your class at the Baking Education Center at King Arthur Flour! Happy Baking in the New Year! ~Mel @ KAF

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