Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stone Hearth Pizza, Multiple Locations

Pizza.  The very word conjures images of deliciousness:  Gooey melted cheese, sitting atop acidic pureed tomatoes punched up with herbs and spices all carried by a thin, crispy crust.  Nothing wrong with that right?  Of course, the delivery of pizza isn't that simple anymore now is it?  You have those crazy fast food pies that are more oil and grease than naturally possible, you have soggy crust pies, pies where the cheese doesn't adhere to the pie and comes off in one molten lava like clump, and, of course, you have the pies that taste delicious but render a price tag that reminds you of that last steak dinner you had.  Oh pizza, such a strained love affair it is that we have.  

So how about a pizza place that's making those classic pies you know and love, and some fresh and creative ones to boot (kale on a pizza?  yes please!) and making all of them with fresh, local, organic produce and proteins?  A pizza shop where they know their suppliers, they know the farms, and they even know their local beer suppliers (is there any better combination than pizza and beer?)?  Let me take this time then to introduce you to Stone Hearth Pizza.  

Stone Hearth has four locations in the Boston area, and at each is incorporating locally sourced, organic where possible, and fresh ingredients to their pizzas, salads and appetizers.  The result is food that tastes like food, like what you might make in your own kitchen.

I sampled several of their salads and loved that the greens were crisp and full of flavor, and the rest of the ingredients followed suit.  Most of all though I was impressed that the greens weren't swimming in dressings and oils.  Though they were dressed, it was done with a light hand and the natural flavors of the salad were preserved.  This seems to be a rare find out there in the world of salads- and a really refreshing twist (pun intended).

We were also treated to a selection of their appetizers.  Now normally I find appetizers at pizza places to be, well, pretty terrible.  Cold sticks of fried cheese, maybe a sorry stack of nachos...what is it with cheesy appetizers before eating cheesy pizza?  Well Stone Hearth has changed all that. Their appetizers consist of a creamy eggplant dip, mild or spicy plump meatballs or fresh salty olives wrapped in cheddar cheese and then baked into a toasty treat.  These were not your average pizza joint offerings, and it was clear that thought and time went into each.

Finally, we can turn our attention to the main event- the Pizza!  Stone Hearth's pizzas are made with organic flours and tomatoes, they are thin crusted, and baked at 600 degrees to ensure a crisp texture and a charred flavor.  The toppings are plentiful which makes you know you're getting bang for your buck, however they do limit the "gooey" feel of a cheesy pizza.  However, it is a delight to see items like kale, smoky blue cheese and arugula on a pie.  They are also conscious of dietary needs, offering pizzas that are gluten free, and offering a variety of different types of cheeses to appeal to those with dairy concerns.  This is an area that I know needs concentration by the industry and so it was a delight to see a real effort being made.  This attention to detail makes it a spot that is truly a family spot- with options appealing to everyone. 

Perhaps most impressive is Stone Hearth Pizza's commitment to the community.  They support not only local businesses, but also a variety of local charities, for more information please visit their community page:  http://www.stonehearthpizza.com/giving.htm

Stone Hearth is offering a great selection of pizzas, as well as a host of salads, appetizers, baked pastas and more.  They definitely an asset to the community, and I urge you to give them a try the next time a pizza craving hits!  

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Michelle Collins said...

I love Stone Hearth! This looks like a great dinner.

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