Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CalNaturale Svelte Protein Shakes

Over the last eight months or so I have stepped up my work out routine.  As this blog concentrates mainly on the things that make a pretty religious gym routine necessary for me, I don't talk much about it.  However, in June 2011 I realized that "going when I can" was a ridiculous attitude to have towards the gym, and I started looking at my schedule to see where I could make going a priority.  I finally bit the bullet and started going in the morning before work.  Since then I have been able to hit the gym 6 days a week without any problem, and, to be honest, I love it.  I love getting up when it's quiet out, the sun is still sleeping, and I am alone with my thoughts.  I push myself to work harder, lift heavier, and all around get a better work out daily.  I love the gym community now.  I have my routines, the classes I cannot miss, the trainers who have kicked my butt...I really enjoy it now, something I never could have said before.

Of course, very little happens in my life that doesn't directly relate to food, so because of this new found push, I find myself starving on my way into work.  I crave food to make up for the loss of early am calories and I'm constantly trying to figure out the best way to find fast nutrients in the morning as I push into work.  Enter CalNaturale Svelte- a line of protein shakes.  A couple of weeks ago the folks there asked me to review their product, and I jumped at the opportunity.  A few days later I received a package full of shakes, ready for my enjoyment.

Photo provided by Svelte
Each shake (available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Chai or Cappuccino) contains 16 grams of protein from organic soy milk, 20% if daily recommended dose of fiber, complex carbs, and only 9 grams of sugar.  This combination makes for a filling shake, in what are honestly tasty flavors.

I started taking them in my gym bag with me, to drink as I zoned out on the T on my way to the office.  My first sips of the French Vanilla was reminiscent of vanilla ice cream- rich and delicious.  Now, the shakes do also contain the flavor of Protein which is still a bit chalky to me, however for the amount of nutrients I found these really quite delicious.

This past weekend I took the opportunity to blend the chocolate with a few other ingredients and take it as a real meal replacement- before a gym session.  I blended together banana, frozen raspberries and the shake and ended up with a delicious, truly similar to a real milkshake drink.  It filled me up and powered me through my work out.  

If you would like the opportunity to try these shakes out for your self, representatives will be available with samples and coupons for samples at:

Boston Common Frog Pond
Boston, MA

Devine Rink
2/5 22-4PM
Dorcester, MA      

Definitely give them a shot and see for yourself! 

Svelte Created Recipes:
·         Svelte Smoothies
o   Chocolate-Banana Bliss: 1 CalNaturale Svelte Chocolate shake blended with 1 banana and 1 cup of ice
o   Cappuccino Crush: 1 CalNaturale Svelte Cappuccino blended with 1 cup of ice (so easy!)
·         Svelte Coffee Creamer
o   Simply use Svelte in French Vanilla (or any flavor for that matter) as a natural flavored creamer for your coffee in the morning
·         Svelte Cereal
o   Pour 1 serving of Kashi GOLEAN Crisp! cereal in a bowl, substituting regular milk with CalNaturale Svelte in French Vanilla 

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Jen said...

You are a work out machine. I need to have the same change of heart and make working out a priority.

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