Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starbucks Reserve Blend: Organic Ethiopia Sidamo

It has been a whirlwind the last few weeks!  I have made some pretty major changes in my personal life, and last weekend I jetted off to LA for a little R&R and to spend some time with some pretty incredible people I'm lucky to have in my life.  I won't lie though- the back and forth and the daily tasks I've been knee deep in as I get my affairs in order to turn the next page have left me a little on the sleepy side.  My norm of bounding out of bed in the AM, raring to go, has been eclipsed by an "ugh" attitude as that early alarm bell rings.  Enter Starbucks.

A couple of weeks ago the incredible folks over at Starbucks sent me a bag of their latest reserve blend- Organic Ethiopia Sidamo to check out.  Might I just take a moment to tell you how thankful I am to those lovely people?  Starbucks saves my life.   Now, when I'm running on E, obviously a good cup of Joe is what I reach for, but normally it isn't to taste its flavor, it's to get it's energy boosting qualities in me. When I sleepily poured my cup of this treasure, I couldn't help but taste the flavor of the Organic Ethiopia Sidamo.

The Organic Ethiopia Sidamo is a single farm coffee, grown by a man innately aware of his crops, and one who is cultivating true flavor.  When I read the PR for the beans it stated notes of Gingerbread, Graham Cracker and Meyer Lemon sweet acidity.  I tasted every note of these.  Ginger and the delicate acid of lemon prevailed, creating a harmony of flavor that immediately roused my taste buds.  This was a coffee for which I sat back in my seat, paused from my spreadsheets and fully appreciated the flavors as they mingled.  It was bold and spicy, rich and clean tasting.  It's flavor alone woke up my mind, and brought a new pep into my step.

This is coffee folks...real, true, coffee...

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Anonymous said...

Starbucks is my savior and even more on weekends now with their k-cups which were long overdue. The stronger the better in my mind. I am excited to try this blend!

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