Monday, August 27, 2012


Are you all aware that its the last week of in this is it?  All those Back to School commercials that came out "too early" are now completely appropriate?  The time to savor long summer evenings and the carefree shoeless afternoons is limited, and soon that sun will set completely on Summer 2012.  As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here this summer- I can explain- see I was out...enjoying the summer.  Two of my favorite friends married the loves of their lives this summer and I got to be there for all of the fun leading up to it and for the blessed events.  This led me all over the eastern seaboard for a perfect celebration of this season.  I learned that another one of my very favorite people is leaving our fair city for greener pastures at some point in the coming months- I'm refusing to think about that and instead have been spending as much time as schedules allow savoring Boston with her.  I found a wonderful opportunity to move to an apartment I fell in love with, so I'm adding packing into my to do list, and of course there's been that pesky "job" thing that has been filling my days as well.  It has been an incredibly full summer, and probably the best I've had...ever.  New friends, old friends, taking some risks, jumping into experiences with both feet and revisiting old favorites- all have summed together to summer perfection.

Of course that has meant that I all but abandoned my dear A Boston Food Diary- and that...well that is just NOT OK.  I cannot even begin to express to you how many amazing food journeys I was blessed to be apart of all summer long.  I sat down with an amazing chef and bonded over glasses of Italian Prosecco.  I concentrated my efforts on cooking New England inspired dishes.  I dipped my fork into fresh summer salads, sipped strong cups of coffee and had my fill of incredible hummus.  I had the extreme joy of entering a food world I've never before been a part of and got my hands dirty in it.

I have been taking notes all along so even though I have failed at updating you all along the way- this space will soon be populated with the joys of food, wine, cooking and dining once again.

I hope you had as great a summer as I did and I hope you're ready for an awesome fall! 


Jen said...

It has been a great summer. Definitely sad to see it coming to an end :(

In and Around Town said...

So not ready for summer to end!

Shannon said...

seriously can't believe it either...

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