Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Starbucks Reserve: Jamaica Blue Mountain

As many of you know, I began a new job back in February.  I was raring for a change and seized a great opportunity when I saw it.  My new job, that I'm now firmly six months into has provided me with the new challenges that I sought and exciting changes to my schedule.  I have the opportunity to work remote from the office and that has made my morning cup of coffee a much more pleasant affair.  I have time now to brew a steaming mug here at home before cracking open the lap top and I can allow those first few bitter sips to jog my mind into work mode.  I watch my neighbors head to work as I boil my tea kettle of water, and ponder the days activities as the coffee grounds steep through the water permeating it with its caffeinated goodness.  And then I sit, lap top open and take my first sip as my brain focuses on what needs to be done. 

Starbucks has been my go to for my coffee enjoyment this year, and recently sent me a bag of their featured Reserve bean- the Jamaica Blue Mountain.  They launched this as a perfect seasonal transition coffee.  It leads with light and summery citrus notes, and then finishes into a smooth creamy chocolate, perfect for those first crisp mornings. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain is not just any coffee of course, it is one that is known the world throughout for its special qualities.  It is grown in the eastern mountains of Jamaica, under strict regulations and vigilant supervision.  It's history travels back to the 18th century, and its preparation and shipping is a time honored custom from those days.  This is a coffee that is rare and unique, and not to be missed!

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Michelle Collins said...

I worked from home today and enjoyed my morning cup of coffee SO much more than usual. It just tastes better at home!

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