Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Salvatore's NEW Late Night Menu Deal!

You know those nights...those nights when it's late, and you're hungry and you want something GOOD. You dot want bad take out Chinese food from that sketchy place down the street, you know the selection at your local 7-11 is going to leave you depressed and yet most kitchens are closing down and you're fear that your stomach will have to wail all night is starting to take hold. Fear not, Salvatore's, with locations in the Theatre District and on the Waterfront has you covered. A new menu is launching- a menu that kicks off at 10 pm and satisfies that need for delicious food...and does so at a bargain price.

How's this for a deal: 10 pm til close, a selection of inventive wood fired pizzas, 6", $3.00. Right?

I had the opportunity to head into Salvatore's on the Waterfront to check out this new menu recently and let me tell you -I wasn't disappointed.

I started my tour of pizzas with the Sausage and Ricotta,  a mix of sausage, creamy ricotta cheese, a splash of tomato sauce and a generous heaping of banana peppers- all piled on Salvatore's signature crisp crust.  I really enjoyed the variations of flavor and texture here.  The peppers were spicy, but instantly cooled with the creamy ricotta, and the sausage made this slice hearty and filling.

Next on my list was a unique pie named Soppresata Picante which combined spicy and salty Soppresata ham with creamy fresh Mozzarella cheese, a sprinkle of Parmesan, a bit of Pomodoro sauce and the finishing flourish was a drizzle of spicy honey.  This was a pie that I felt immediate love for.  The combination of salt, spice, and sweet was perfect and when it was accompanied with the traditional cheese and tomato combination it made for a unique pie that I could go back for again and again.

Rounding out my favorites for the evening- the Vignola Cherry.  So for all you youngin's out there- this one comes with a warning- you must be 21+ to enjoy.  That's right- this one includes some honest to goodness alcohol which may just be the perfect thing you're looking for at 10 pm....  A crispy pizza crust is fresh mozzarella, tangy Gorgonzola, Prosciutto, a drizzle of orange blossom honey and then, scattered about on top- Bing cherries marinated in raspberry vodka.  I create some weird food combinations- but I never would have devised this one in my head, but man- I'm glad someone did.  The rich cherries were perfectly offset with the salty ham, and that sweetness from the honey cut the alcohol so every bite was full of everything nice. 

This is one of the best deals in town, and you MUST head over (now-well wait for 10pm) and then rush over and check out Salvatore's new late night menu- you will not be disappointed!!

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dan said...

As I was eating a pizza for lunch today that was 10 dollars, about the same size, and way way worse than these, I calmed my anger by fondly remembering that lovely night at Salvatore's.

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