Friday, September 7, 2012

Ginger Diesel Cocktail

Photo courtesy of Beantown Baker
As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to the recipes from Maine chefs cookbook, I also received a cocktail book- Drinking In Maine:  50 Cocktails, Concoctions and Drinks from Our Best Artisan Producers and Restaurants.  Written again by Michael Sanders, this handy guide walks through the the varied seasons and offers boozy beverages for each.  Those of you who know me outside of the blog- you know how much I love this.

A few friends and I gathered a couple of weeks ago to have a Progressive Dinner party, wending our way through each others homes and supplying delicious foods and cocktails at each.  Friends Katie and Adam were gracious enough to allow me to host my course at their abode, as my current place just doesnt accommodate that many adults, and I consulted my Drinking in Maine cocktail book to find the perfect drink.  Now this group of friends are excellent connoisseurs of a fine drink, and have often selected the Dark and Stormy as their drink of choice.  So, when I found a Ginger Diesel listed in the book- I immediately jumped on it.

Combining ale, ginger beer and fruity creme de cassis this was a cocktail to love.  It was hearty, spicy and sweet.  It was light and effervescent making it lovely to serve with food, and unique enough to be special for a good group of friends.  I will definitely be serving this one again.

Ginger Diesel (supplied from Bar Lola, Portland)
6 oz Maine Root Ginger Beer
6 oz Allagash White
1/2 oz Creme de Cassis
Lemon Wheel

Pour ginger beer into a pint Pils glass.  Add the creme de cassis.  Slowly add the Allagash White beer, preserving the head.  Garnish with a lemon wheel.  No stirring required!

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Jen said...

This definitely was a special drink! I loved the colors and the flavors.

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