Wednesday, March 13, 2013

75 Liberty Wharf, Fort Point Channel, Boston

We've talked about the great expansion of the Fort Point Channel of Boston- the hottest area for restaurants to popup lately.  We've talked about my extreme love for a little restaurant in Beacon Hill called 75 Chestnut- now how about we talk about them together?  Last fall the good folks over at 75 Chestnut expanded their operation and opened another cozy spot on the harbor in the heart of Fort Point Channel.

Last week I was invited in to check out the new space - a small structure comprised mainly of windows capitalizing on the amazing views of Boston Harbor.  Though the building itself has a more modern vibe than its Beacon Hill sister, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the inside has maintained the same cozy feel and even better, is sharing some of the incredible staff found at the original location.  There is something about the wonderful quaintness of finding a spot where you're remembered in the heart of a busy city.  

Once seated in the corner of the space with views of the water and the rest of the restaurant, Jason and I set out to choose our meals.  Now, here's the great tip of both 75's- they have a massive display of cheese and crackers for noshing while you peruse.  Free of any charge, there is a table that is consistently loaded down with cubes of a variety of cheese and crisp crackers to satiate in a unique twist to the traditional bread and butter.  

We opted for the Shrimp Cocktail for our appetizer. Six large, plump, chilled shrimp were served to us poised over a martini glass filled with a tequila lime cocktail sauce.  Now I can rarely find anything wrong with delicious shrimp, I can't lie, and here was no exception, but the star here was the cocktail sauce.  Long after we had finished the shrimp we were stealing tastes of the sauce with our forks.  Subtle spice of horseradish, freshness of lime and a little zing from tequila was a perfect change up from the traditional cocktail sauces and made me want to cover every bit of my sweet shrimp with it.  

I chose an entree from their Green menu, a selection of dishes made entirely with renewable and sustainable ingredients.  Though I was tempted by several choices there, as well as my stand bys on their regular menu (read a porterhouse pork chop or their bibb lettuce salad topped with succulent steak tips) I chose instead their lamb dish, topped with a minted apple sauce and served with sweet potatoes and spinach.  I loved the idea of combining the traditional flavors of pork and apple with lamb and mint into a single dish.  The lamb itself was perfectly cooked to a beautiful medium rare.  The only unfortunate part of the dish entered in however with the sauce.  They had elected to serve it covering the lamb entirely, which made it difficult to find the bone line that was included and any other pieces that one may wish to avoid.  However, the flavor components were delicious, and each item was cooked to perfection.

Jason had elected to have their Peppered Tenderloin, a tender cut of tender loin crusted in cracked black pepper, and served with a cream sauce, fingerling potatoes and fresh vegetables.  His steak, of which I stole multiple bites as perfect.  Spicy with the pepper, tender and juicy from proper cooking and a hint of sweetness from the sauce.  It was delicious.

We also chose to split the peanut butter cheesecake for dessert.  Now, I'm not a huge cheesecake fan, but have been lulled into the sweeter variations that so many places are serving now and was anticipating a full peanut butter assault.  Not 75 though!  They are serving true to form cheesecake, tangy and just a tad crumbly- exactly like cheesecake should taste.  This variation had just a subtle hint of peanut butter.  

75 Chestnut has long been an incredibly dependable favorite for me.  A spot for friends, with loved ones, with always delivers a casual, friendly environment with delicious, traditional food.  75 on Liberty Wharf is holding the reputation with gorgeous views of the harbor-something tells me Ill be there a lot this summer to enjoy their patio. 

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glad to hear they are doing more delicious food on the waterfront!

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