Friday, March 29, 2013

The Mondrian Hotel, SoHo, New York

As I've previously mentioned, I spent some time last week on a press trip in New York City.  I will be talking more about what I was concentrating on while there, but before I turned my attention to that, I wanted to rave about our beautiful accommodations.  We were lucky enough to stay in the Mondrian hotel, a boutique hotel in the heart of SoHo.
The Mondrian is owned by The Morgans Group and promises its patrons a romantic and provocative surrounding in the midst of downtown New York, with incredible views.  It boasts a restaurant, bar, a fitness center and borders both Chinatown and Little Italy. 

It was clear from the moment I pulled up to the front door of the Mondrian that this was no ordinary New York hotel.  The entrance was set back from the road and a canopy of greens and perky white lights led a path to the welcoming front door.  Each step away from the busy streets of new York made me feel as though I was nearing an oasis, and that relaxation would soon be mine.  Once at the front door, I was warmly welcomed inside by incredibly friendly gentlemen, their smiles and easy attitudes immediately comforted this weary traveller.  Assistance continued as I was directed to the front desk and easily checked into my room.

The room was exactly what I wanted.  Bedecked in calming blue hues, the

bright white fluffy comforter looked incredibly inviting, and I had to use every ounce of will power to not flop immediately onto its pillowy softness and drift off.  The rest of the room, while small, was not lacking in luxurious touches that made me feel pampered from the get go, including gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that afforded me a view of both the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.  Not too shabby...

The sink sat proudly in a corner of the room, removed from the rest of the in room bath amenities, which was different than most hotels, but allowed the room to maintain an airy feel.  Perched on the side of the sink were what could have been standard water glasses, but instead sat crystal tumblers and wine glasses instead.

The bath itself provided the function needed in its purpose but not without certain design touches that kept it chic and modern.  The doorless glass shower was beautiful to look at, and included a shower head with the most delightful water pressure I've enjoyed in ages.

Other in room amenities included a flat screen tv, a safe, and a very fully stocked mini bar- just saying.

Attention to detail wasnt lacking in the  rest of the hotel either.  The lower level included a gym which surpassed my expectations for a hotel gym offering a, albeit small, selection of cardio equipment, each stocked with its own tv, a series of free weights, and weight machines.  Though it was a windowless cavern, I was able to get in a full workout both mornings of my stay allowing me to face the day ready for anything.

The rest of the public space included a restaurant and two bars-all of which provided a welcoming, yet gorgeous persona creating comfort and decadence all in one.

The Mondrian was a perfect spot to stay in New York.  It truly provided an oasis from the hustle and bustle the city is known for and made this guest feel pampered at every turn.


Michelle Collins said...

Sounds like a wonderful hotel!

Anonymous said...

I agree to you Michelle Collins. Actually, my friend had a great experience there and he told me that there are lots good services in that hotel.

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