Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston: My Town, My Love, My Community

Boston is my home.  I don't mean that in a flowery, distant way, I mean that in an in your face, tried and true, don't screw with my city kind of way.  I mean that in a way that my heart is tied to this city in a way that it's tied to my family and loved ones.  I grew up in the burbs, and this city itself has been my home for the past decade- I have spent every day in it- wandering its streets, eating its food, admiring its sights, cursing its weather, and loving every piece of it.  

Boston isnt like other cities.  Boston is a way a of life. It's a personality. It's a way of being.  We have pride like no other in this city, we love our teams, we love our history, we love our people.  We are a small city, we are all interconnected in some way.  Boston is the truest community.

Yesterday morning I sat in church and received a blessing with the rest of the congregation for the runners and visitors to this great city.  This morning, I walked through the commons as the runners meandered through to board the buses to Hopkinton.  I walked through Copley Square to go to the gym and marveled at the volunteers and the workers had set up such an incredible event.  I felt the excitement in the air.  I saw the joy on the faces of every runner.  I saw the resolver preparedness of every worker and volunteer.  See, if you're not from here, you may not know- Marathon Monday is widely regarded as the best day of the year in Boston.  Its an inspirational day, its a day of merriment, of celebration, of joy.  People skip work and cheer on so many of our own residents and visitors who run an incredible race.  We go to the Sox game and celebrate their prowess.  We celebrate the start of spring, the joy of new season and the utter wonder of our city.  We love this city, and Marathon Monday is one our proudest moments.

Today, this Marathon Monday, we were attacked.  We were attacked in the midst of our proudest event, at the most joyful portion of it, and on one of the most beautiful streets.  We were attacked at the most joyous place in our city today, packed with persons cheering on their loved ones who were accomplishing incredible feats.  In 15 seconds, two separate explosions rocked our city, injuring dozens and killing two.  The sadness of this event is unbearable.  The fear for loved ones, strangers and self is overpowering.  I sit in my apartment now, just blocks away from the site, and all I can hear are sirens and the whir of helicopter blades above.  

Social media sites are full of warnings that this is not a city to mess with, and I agree.  Boston is gritty, it's history is full of war and unrest.  But I also know the beauty of this city.  The beauty, the pride, and the respect of this city.  This is a city that will over come.  We will regain our streets from those who tried to destroy our sense of peace today.  We will be a community through this just as we are when we win a championship.  

We are a community that sees our first responders and qualified residents running into the face of this tragedy seconds after it happened.  We are a community of runners who immediately ran to hospitals to donate blood after running 26.2 miles.  We are a community of people opening our doors to people stranded as transportation is shut down.  

We are Boston.  We will not let this get us down.  We will remember, we will rebuild, and we will survive.


Jen said...

So true. You brought tears to my eyes. While I'm not a native and I don't live there any more, Boston is still my home. My heart aches for the tragedy brought to the best day of the year. It will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

You posted the thoughts that were in my head. Marathon Monday is such an incredible day to live in Boston. The runners bring tears to my eyes with their inspiring achievement of such an incredible goal. Don't mess with Boston!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. You brought tears to my eyes. I just got back from other home last night (the UK) to this tragedy. This is my home now and I am so angry at what happened today.

Jen said...

Oh Fiona, you said it way better than I could, and believe me I tried. I'm so glad you're ok. And you're right, we're Boston and we're strong.

Pam said...

So beautiful.

Ann K. said...

Your words, your thoughts....just heartfelt and SO TRUE!! Thank you

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