Monday, April 29, 2013

Traveler Beer Co

Photo credit- Traveler Beer Co
 There is nothing so wonderful as ending a long day with a cold beer.  Sitting back, enjoying the gentle breezes of the day, finding a few moments to relax and sipping on your favorite brew just seems to signal the end of the hard part of the day.  Recently The Traveler Beer Co sent me a couple samples of their Curious Traveler, the Time Traveler, and the Time Traveler to check out- and let me tell you- they hit the spot.

The Traveler Beer Co hails from Burlington Vermont, launching just in 2012.  They are founded on the principle of combining the authentic European Shandy with a uniquely American twist to bring the Shandy home.  For a bit of background, a classic Shandy is the combination of beer with a carbonated fruit juice or beverage.  These combinations create a refreshing, unique experience, perfect for the summer months ahead.

I began my journey into the world of American Shandies with the Curious Shandy.  The Curious Shandy combines a
Photo credit- Traveler Beer Co
wheat beer with lemon and lime juices creating the ultimate in citrus refreshment.  Similar to a classic hefeweizen served with a citrus slice, this combined the same great flavors with a greater hint of flavor.

Next up was the Time Traveler.  This is a classic wheat beer brewed with the delightfully sweet and familiar strawberries.  This is another flavor that just screams summer to me.  Little red berries peaking out of their green leafy enclosures in the hot summer sun is one of my treasured childhood memories and so the flavor of this shandy brought back all of those memories as I sipped this ever so slightly sweet, incredibly fruity beer.

Photo credit- Traveler Beer Co
Finally I cracked open the Tenacious Traveler.  Tenacious indeed!  Boldly flavored with spicy ginger and smooth honey, this was a beer like no other.  The combination of the wheat backdrop with the gloriousness of ginger- it was like a twist on ginger ale.  

Now the good news is that this company is already well stocked around the Boston area.  Find The Traveler Beer Co at these spots around the city (special note to the Boylston Street businesses)

BEACON CAPITAL32 MYRTLE STBOSTON, MA 02114(617) 523-8835Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            SIMMONS LIQUORS210 CAMBRIDGE STBOSTON, MA 02114(617) 227-2223Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            BELL IN HAND55 UNION STBOSTON, MA 02108(617) 227-2098Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            BEACON HILL WINE & SPIRIT63 CHARLES STBOSTON, MA 02114(617) 742-8571Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            NORTH STATION LIQUORS280 FRIEND STBOSTON, MA 02114(617) 573-9593Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            GRANARY TAVERN170 MILK STBOSTON, MA 02109(617) 449-7110Distance: 0.1 miles - map
                            THE WILD DUCK94 SALEM STBOSTON, MA 02113(617) 248-8893Distance: 1 miles - map
                            HANOVER LIQUOR363 HANOVER STBOSTON, MA 02113(617) 723-3663Distance: 1 miles - map
                            THE BARKING CRAB88 SLEEPER STBOSTON, MA 02210(617) 426-2722Distance: 1 miles - map
                            FOUR POINT MARKET369 CONGRESS STBOSTON, MA 02210(617) 426-9988Distance: 1 miles - map
                            FORUM755 BOYLSTON STBOSTON, MA 02116(607) 547-6005Distance: 1 miles - map
                            MARRIOTT HOTELS & RESORTS110 HUNTINGTON AVEBOSTON, MA 02116(617) 236-5800Distance: 1 miles - map
                            LIR RESTAURANT903 BOYLSTON STBOSTON, MA 02115(617) 778-0089Distance: 1 miles - map
                            ALS BOTTLED LIQUOR226 W BROADWAYBOSTON, MA 02127(617) 268-8855Distance: 1 miles - map
                            POUR HOUSE909 BOYLSTON STBOSTON, MA 02115(617) 236-1767Distance: 1 miles - map
                            BUKOWSKIS50 DALTON STBOSTON, MA 02115(617) 437-9999Distance: 1 miles - map
                            MARY CLIPPER SHIP17 MAVERICK SQBOSTON, MA 02128(617) 567-2344Distance: 1 miles - map
                            DILLONS951 BOYLSTON STBOSTON, MA 02115(617) 421-1818Distance: 1 miles - map
                            JPK LIQUORS200 BUNKER HILL STCHARLESTOWN, MA 02129(617) 242-9567Distance: 2 miles - map
                        SHENANNIGANS332 W BROADWAYBOSTON, MA 02127(617) 269-9509Distance: 2 miles - map

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Michelle Collins said...

Oooh, I've never seen these beers before - I will have to look for them!

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